Thursday, July 9, 2015

Discover the Dinosaurs-- A Traveling Exhibit That Your Kid Will Love!

Last weekend, knowing Benny and I didn't have any Sunday plans, my husband called from work to let me know he had bought tickets for us to attend "Discover the Dinosaurs" a traveling exhibit that was taking place at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona. I was really endeared by his gesture. Paul found the event on his own (I knew nothing about it), figured it would be fun for Benny and purchased the tickets for us to go on the last day of the exhibit.
Then I asked how much the tickets cost and he said: "Twenty Five Dollars"
"Each ticket!?"
At first I thought a $25.00 child ticket was a bit excessive for an exhibit but Benny had so much fun that I'm just glad we went.
Apparently, the promoters of the exhibit didn't quite receive the turnout they had expected because of the 4th of July weekend, which probably made the trip a little less stressful for me given there weren't THAT many children, But folks at the event did said they'd be returning to Los Angeles County next year. Check out the Discover the Dinosaurs website for upcoming exhibits... If you're in a different part of the country, you may still get a chance to take your kids! 
Here are a few highlights from our Dinosaur outing:

The exhibit consists of three dark rooms with a variety of dinosaurs. The darkness and sounds may scare the younger kids a little bit but there are interactive activities outside of the exhibit rooms. Many of the dinosaurs are automated and make sounds & movements

The last exhibit room features dinosaur rides for kids, where they can choose to ride a Triceratops, a Velociraptor or a T-Rex. Benny chose the Triceratops, probably because it seemed to be friendlier and slower than the other two. He was a bit scared. 

Kids are given an opportunity to do a scavenger hunt for a dinosaur prize at the end.

Benny's face when we left the exhibit and entered the Dino Shop. Like many theme park attractions, the end of the exhibit leads to a giant dinosaur toy shop. 

The shop has a vast amount of Dinosaur toys from plush toys to books and dinosaur umbrellas to fossil kits.
Outside of the Dino shop is a giant Dinosaur-themed play area for the children with bounce houses, slides, dinosaur miniature golf, a dino theater playing dinosaur movies, among many other activities. Most attractions are free with a child admission ($25). In this picture, Benny goes down the T-Rex Slide!

He changed his mind about a face painting and went for a T-Rex on his arm instead!!

Later in the afternoon, once we were home after plenty of Dinosaur fun, I decided to make a Kiwi Triceratops. I made this by cutting several small pieces of a Kiwi into the Triceratops silhouette. The most time-consuming part was getting a single kiwi seed in the right place to serve as the dinosaur's eye...LOL!!

En español

El pasado fin de semana, sabiendo que yo y Benny no teníamos planes el domingo, mi marido me llamó del trabajo para hacerme saber que había comprado boletos para que atendiéramos a una exposición ambulante llamada "Descubre los dinosaurios" que se llevó a cabo en los terrenos de la feria del condado de Los Ángeles, en la ciudad de Pomona. El gesto me provocó ternura. Y es que Paul buscó el evento (yo no estaba enterada de esta exposición), se imaginó que sería de mucha diversión para Benny y compró las entradas para su esposa e hijo para el domingo, que sería el último día de la exposición.
Entonces le pregunté qué cuánto le habían costado las entradas y me dijo que veinticinco dólares cada boleto.
Al principio pensé que un boleto de niño de $25.00 era muy caro para una exposición ambulante, pero Benny se la pasó tan feliz que me da gusto haberlo llevado.
Al parecer, los promotores de la exposición no recibieron la participación anticipada debido al fin de semana del cuatro de julio. Sin embargo, la gente del evento dijo que regresaría al Condado de Los Ángeles el próximo año. Echen un vistazo al sitio web de “Discover the Dinosaurs” para las próximas exposiciones... Si vives en otra parte del país, es posible que aún tengas oportunidad de llevar a tus hijos.
Aquí hay algunos momentos memorables de nuestra excursión al mundo de los dinosaurios.

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