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I’m a full-time career woman by day and a multi-tasking mommy blogger by night.
I love my government job which is a great combination of public affairs, research and travel but after the birth of my son Benjamin (Benny), just as life got more hectic than ever, I found myself with an abundance of creative energy desperate to get out. 
I created my blog because there are simply too many moments to share and living in Los Angeles is way too inspiring!
Think of me as a busy L.A. mommy blogger trying to juggle two boys, a husband, a full-time job, a fitness plan and a social life. I love all things baby, cutesy, crafty, Disney, glitzy, pretty, sparkly, whimsy, vintage, candy and trendy.

A Little More About Me:

Mexican-American | Bilingual | Bicultural | Born in East Los Angeles | Raised in Ventura County | LMU Alumni | Former TV news reporter | I love Mariachi music | Red wine | Extra dry martinis | Disney everything | Addicted to gummy bears | In my mid-30's | Two Boys | The Best Hubby | Happy | In love | Excited | Passionate | Motivated | Positive | Spiritual | I Love to Laugh. Loudly.

About my Blog:

My blog is a lifestyle blog where I share just about anything that comes to mind.

Particularly, I post about Motherhood, Only in L.A., Baby & Kid Stuff, In My Kitchen, Crafty Things & Lifestyle.

Here's what I mean by that:

Motherhood— Anything pertaining to raising kids— tips, advice, activities to maintain my mental sanity while juggling a full-time career, thoughts/musings and anecdotes about being a mommy.

In my Kitchen—Recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, product highlights, grocery shopping, my amateur adventures with baking and just about anything that has to do with food, desserts and candy.

Baby & Kid Stuff— Toy & product reviews, activities, kids parties, camps and adventures. This is where I focus on fun things and projects to entertain the two little boys that rule my house.

Lifestyle— Here is where I highlight everything and anything that pertains to our family experiences. These can include our frequent trips to Disney, discoveries in Los Angeles, home improvement tasks, fitness routines, dressing up the house for Christmas or vacation memories.

Crafty Things— I like to think I’m a crafty mommy and every so often, I’ll come up with a few things and offer tutorials on how to make stuff, from arts and crafts to DIY projects.

Only in L.A.— Movie premiers, parties, Hollywood pizazz  as well as news, events, stories, places, experiences, and historic facts pertaining to Los Angeles, California!