Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Make a Spider Web Candy Holder to 'BOO' your friends!

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We’re officially two weeks away from Halloween!
This time of year is when my creative juices start to flow and what a better excuse to brainstorm Halloween ideas than two of my favorite candy companies (Mars & Wrigley) promoting a super fun campaign called “BOO it Forward”.
Basically, all you have to do is make a Halloween-themed candy bundle (as in a basket, arrangement, etc.) with candy treats and include a sign letting the person know they’ve been BOO’d. Then you secretly gift it by leaving the bundle on their porch, doorsteps or desk. 

Finally, you encourage the recipient to “BOO it Forward” by creating a candy bundle of their own and gifting someone else!
My idea for a BOO bundle was to create a stand-alone spider web candy holder with the help of an empty milk gallon!
First, I went to Walmart and purchased a couple big bags of candy, including a Wrigley Monster Stash bag with a variety of my favorite sweets, including SKITTLES®, STARBURST®, and LIFESAVERS®.
Then I bought another bag of Mars chocolates that included mini SNICKERS®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY® and 3 MUSKETEERS®. Finally, I went to the soft drink aisle and bought a six-pack of 8oz Sunkist® Halloween Can. I used all these goodies to stuff my Spider Web candy holder.
The Wrigley and Mars candy bags are sold in the Halloween section and in specially designated Halloween-themed sections of the store. You can find the Sunkist® soda cans in the soft drink beverage aisle.

I'm sort of obsessing over spiders this Halloween season so I thought a spider web would be perfect!

In order to make a similar spider web treat holder, you will need the following items:
*1 Empty Milk Jug
*1 Sheet of silver glittery construction paper
*White paint & brush
*Different Sized spiders for decoration


1. Start out with an empty milk jug (make sure you rinse and dry thoroughly and remove any labeling). Take the scissors and make a small perforation on the gallon handle. This will make it easy to start cutting through the plastic.

2. Make sure you cut out the entire handle and spout area to create a cavity. This way, you can use the bottom of the gallon to fill with candy and soda.

3. Once you're done cutting, paint the jug white. This is done so your silver spider web and black spiders can stand out later.

4. On the back of a Silver glitter construction paper sheet, draw a spider web. Try to make it wide enough to cover the tallest side of the gallon. Once you're done with your sketch, it's time to carefully start cutting your silver spiderweb. See images below.

5. Once your spider web is done, all you have to do is tape it to the edges of the plastic and Ta-da! Use spiders to embellish as you wish.

It's a great way to BOO someone and surprise them with some awesome Halloween treats, especially because they can't really tell what's inside the spider web holder until they take a close look. And don't forget the "You've been BOO'd" card! 

I hope you consider BOO'ing someone!

You will definitely want to visit the BOO It Forward page to download and print the “You’ve been BOO’d sign”. Make sure you include the card and sign when gifting the BOO bundle to keep the fun going!
Also, don't forget to enter the BOO It Forward Sweepstakes!


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