Monday, February 1, 2016

Bye January 2016!

It's February 1, 2016.
That means this year is going by super fast.
It also means, we'll have a new addition to the family next month!
I've definitely slowed down a lot. I like staying home these days to paint different furniture pieces (with the help of my mom and husband) and plan the baby's nursery. I also find myself cooking less (including breakfast meals-- our fave) and spending a lot of time "virtual" window shopping.
January was a pretty good month. I had my first-ever maternity shoot, where I dressed Benny as a dapper boy and he had fun disorganizing gowns and outfits in the studio's maternity clothing closet.
I am working from home more frequently (and spending more time with the hubby as a result) and I even managed to make it out to Ventura County for a big 50th birthday celebration where my sister Irene and I created a dessert buffet table full of donuts, cookies, chocolate and pastries!
I hope February is just as good. Sending good "Valentine's Month" wishes, vibes and cheers to everyone!
Thanks for reading!

About the only "themed" breakfast I made during the month of January :)

En espanol

Ya estamos en el primer dia de febrero del 2016, lo cual significa que el anio ya da indicaciones que se va a pasar volando.
También significa que ya el mes que entra tendremos una nueva adición a la familia!
Ultimamente ya voy a paso de tortuga para todo.Me gusta quedarme en casa y pintar cositas o planear el cuartito del bebe. También he notado que casi ya no he cocinado... ni siquiera nuestros desayunos favoritos. Y me la pasado de compras en línea.
El mes de enero estuvo muy tranquilo. Tuve una sesion de fotografica de maternidad. Ya estoy trabajando desde mi casa mas seguido y como resultado, disfrutando mas tiempo con mi marido.
Hasta me anime a viajar a Oxnard para una fiesta de 50 anios donde mi hermana y yo decoramos una mesa de dulces.
Espero que febrero sea igual de fabuloso.
Les deseo un lindo mes del amor y la amistad con buenos deseos, buenas vibras y saludos.
Por leer mi blog, gracias!

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