Thursday, June 8, 2017

No Apology for Enjoying Breadologie!

 A new bakery in town is making me break my diet...But I'm ok with that #sorrynotsorry

Ok. So I've been absent from my blog for quite some time now. I've been working on a bigger project that focuses on highlighting other LA moms and not so much my own life and lifestyle (more details if you keep reading). This, while still working full-time and managing a house full of boys!
Anyhow, last year, when Toby was practically still a newborn, we were driving around our neighborhood and came across a bright yellow sign that read: "Breadologie Bakery".

My husband pulled into the parking lot and stopped by the shop to see what the bakery was all about (I was curious too). He came out moments later and said he'd told the owners that I would be interested in writing about this new bakery once it opened to the public...Mind you, he usually stays out of anything blog-related so it was hilarious that he would go and pitch my blog (probably felt embarrassed to walk in during construction)!

Well, as it turns out, one year later, I --did-- stop by Breadologie, met Steffi Gutierrez who owns the bakery with her husband Charles and fell in love with their croissants and artisan bread.
They have such an exquisite selection pastries and such a cool vibe that it almost makes me want to pick up my daily morning coffee and sweet bread there... except, they've been so busy with their wholesale orders, the storefront is not open everyday. Still, it's worth a visit. They have cookies & cream croissants, raspberry almond brioche donuts and even introduced a brand new Rocky Road croissant...OMG...So good!

Now to my project... I just launched -- an online magazine for local moms focusing mainly on local moms.
I haven't officially announced my new editorial venture but I'm sharing it here because my last "WOWMOM" profile story is all about Breadologie co-owner Steffi Gutierrez.
Check it out!

In the meantime, make it a point to stop by the bakery if you're ever in the San Fernando Valley.
Here in LA, we're always waiting for the next delicious thing to awaken our senses (and a cup of coffee) and this place is perfect for that...

 More information: Breadologie Bakery

Thanks for reading!

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