Friday, January 8, 2016

Six Fun Gift Ideas for Moms-To-Be

Every now and then, I come across a cool, fab and quirky pregnancy-related item, and I decide to treat myself to it.
I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of maternity items I'm currently crushing on because I know how hard it could be to shop for a loved one who's expecting.

The following products were purchased by me (no compensated promotions here). I love them each and totally recommend them for mommies and mommies-to-be!

  1. Lulu Lemon Perfume by Beehive Cosmetics.
I’m a perfume lover and I collect perfume bottles but there hasn’t been a more appropriate scent during this pregnancy than my Lulu Lemondrop perfume, an exclusive item from popular Manhattan Beach shop, Beehive. It’s a fresh, delicious, honey-vanillaish, citrus scent that seriously cheers me up. Even though I have yet to experience nausea or queazy feelings, this scent just balances everything out for me. I like to spray it in the morning and before bed! It's not too strong and even Benny approves, frequently stating: 'Mama, you smell good". The bottle is $35 and you can purchase it at the Manhattan Beach shop or on the shop’s website.

    2. Gold Fetus Necklace.
As soon as I became pregnant, I wanted to buy a piece of jewelry that represented this stage of my life. I found the most adorable jewelry shop on Etsy and purchased this lovely necklace created by Israeli jewelry designer Meytal Bar-now. Her shop “Jools” is too cute with unique and dainty items like balloon earrings and gold ice cream cone pendants. I wear my necklace frequently and it’s a great conversation starter.

    3. Book— Oh Baby, the places you’ll Go!
When I was pregnant with Benny, I used to do all kinds of things like play music from all different genres, have my husband talk to his son in the womb and read out loud. During this second pregnancy, the reading out loud part is no longer awkward because I read to Benny regularly.  Still, somewhere along the way, I discovered Oh Baby, the places you’ll Go!, which is a take on the famous book by Dr. Seuss, Oh! The Places You’ll Go. This little book though is meant for expectant moms to read to their unborn child. It’s really fun because you get to tell your unborn baby (in Dr. Seuss style, with sing-songy rhymes and plenty of whimsy) about the many Dr. Seuss characters and funny stories that await. $10 Barnes & Noble.

    4. The BEBAND
After giving birth to Benny, I saved ALL my maternity clothes, put them inside a large box and stored it in the Attic. Well, with our move, it took me forever to retrieve my pregnancy wear because the unmarked maternity clothing box went from an attic in our old house to the garage in our new house along with about 200 other similar boxes! Luckily for me, I was able (and still can) wear my regular pants…but that’s only because I discovered the “Beband” by Ingrid and Isabel at Target during my 1st trimester. It’s a simple, but genius idea. You put on your pants, which in my case, definitely don't zip up anymore and the Beband goes over your unzipped jeans. Then you wear a regular pregnancy top and nobody can tell your pants are being held together by a comfortable elastic band.  It’s wide enough to cover the entire belly area so you don’t have to worry about people finding out your fly is unzipped!

     5. Knocked Up Nails 
I know many women who continue with their regular mani-pedi appointments at nail salons throughout their pregnancy. Heck, even I did it during my first trimester! But something about the baby being the size of an eggplant with lungs in the middle of development makes me feel like there is no need to continue inhaling chemicals that may not be pleasant for little Tobi. I’m a nail polish lover so fortunately, I discovered “Knocked Up Nails,” a special nail polish intended for pregnant mommies who love their nails “did” but don’t want to visit the nail salon! The polish itself is not cheap (about $10 a bottle) but it leaves nails looking great and it’s made with all natural ingredients. Best of all, the nail polish colors are total mommy material! There’s ‘Preggers in Pink”; “Oh-Blue-GYN” and “Mum in Plum,” among others…Too Cute

     6. House of Leyton.
I’m so excited about discovering this online pregnancy dress boutique, based out of Los Angeles (woo-hoo)! When I first saw their gowns, I honestly couldn’t decide which one I wanted first.  They’re all so simple and gorgeous, I went nuts. Now I’m just waiting for a special occasion (maybe Valentine's Day!?) to buy my next dress, which is exciting because I love their formal gown varieties.
$150. House of Leyton

There are other pregnancy items I’m currently loving (like my body pillow, maternity teas, stretch mark cream, a stylish top that zips down for breastfeeding, a great book on cesarean birth.) I’ll try to put together a second list of recommendations soon.

 Thanks for reading!

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