Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Foot Care Gift Basket for my Loving Mom, Featuring Amopé™.

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Much of my ability to multitask and manage a full-time job, a family and a household comes from the amazing example set by my mother, Lupe Marquez.
It’s true that mothers have a major influence in the way their children perceive life.
And my mother taught me to look at life as an opportunity to succeed by working hard, staying focused, not complaining, loving the little things, being humble, and never stopping.
Anyone who’s met her has alluded to the fact that she’s an extremely hard-working woman.
After marrying my dad in 1979, she started working at a uniform company as a seamstress and sewing machine operator and worked there for nearly 20 years.

Growing up, I remember she’d have 8-10 hour work days, get home, cook for the family, clean the house, bathe and play with my sisters and I, prepare my dad’s lunch for the next day, and wait for him to get home.
Several years later, she and my dad started a catering business, which my mom managed while keeping her full-time job. She also created a party rental company by making and sewing her own table cloths, table runners, and seat chair covers (500 of them, to be exact).
And to this day, my mom is in constant motion.
She retired recently to care for my grandmother, which is a full-time job in itself but one she loves to do.

My mom is my hero.

She’s a very quiet and timid person who blushes easily. She hates the spotlight and never seeks attention or recognition for anything she does.
But because she’s always moving, always cleaning and always working, she never gets enough pampering.
As a matter of fact, her tired feet deserve royal treatment and she’s never given herself the opportunity to bask in the joys of a salon pedicure!
This year, I decided to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket that contains tools to pamper her feet. These include the amazing Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File, Amopé™ Foot Cream and a pair of DIY Moisturizing Gel Socks!

When I saw it at Target, I immediately thought of my mom’s gift basket.
First off, Amopé™ is Portuguese for “Love your Feet”… Isn’t that a perfect message for my mom!?

All you have to do is twist the silver ring and the electronic foot file buffs away hard skin with gentle rotating action.

I know she’ll be grateful and hopefully get in the habit of giving her feet a little more TLC.

Again, Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ is sold at Target and priced at $39.99 (there’s also limited edition, pink Amopé™, while supplies last) and you can find it in the foot care aisle and special side caps.

Something to keep in mind in case you’re interested: there’s going to be a Cartwheel Offer from May 3rd through May 9th that’ll get you a FREE $5 Target Gift Card if you buy it!

Back to my mom’s gift basket, I wanted to include something hand-made to go along with the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File and Amopé™ Foot Cream. I thought about making a spa tote or buying some slippers and decorating them with paint and embellishments, but then it occurred to me that she needed something that would hydrate and moisturize her feet after using Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™. So ultimately, I decided to make DIY moisturizing gel socks.
They are easy to make and likely to provide feet plenty of dryness relief.

To make these, you’ll need the following items (all can be purchased at Target):

1.Pair of socks (I purchased an extended size to offer feet a little extra room)

2.Waterproof material (I used an inexpensive machine-washable, waterproof shower curtain)
4.Needle and thread
5.moisturizing gel
6.Lavender oil
7.Shea butter
8.Amopé™ Foot Cream
9. Soft Bristle paint brush (to mix and apply moisturizers on feet)

From L to R: Shower curtain, scissors, shea butter, Lavender oil, clear moisturizing gel, Amopé™ Foot Cream & socks

Place each foot over the waterproof material. Draw an outline of each foot reaching up to the ankle. Draw a second outline approximately two inches around the first shape. Cut the lining around the outer outline and place this cutout over the material. Trace the cutout twice, until you have four identical foot-shaped pieces. Take both sets of two and sew them together around the edges. Check that your foot can comfortably fit inside.

Once you're done sewing, you turn your hand-made sock inside out

Make sure it's a comfortable fit. The waterproof cloth will "lock-in" the moisture so it penetrates your feet well.
Wear your newly sewn waterproof “socks” and put the regular socks over them. At that point, pinch the material at the end tip of the sock, which covers the toes, between your thumb and forefinger and away from your toes. You can then sew the inner waterproof lining to the socks so that it is attached to the tips of the sock. Repeat for the heel and collar. This will make it easier for you to wear and remove the sock by holding the lining steady within the sock.

Once your socks are made, mix the gel and cream ingredients, including the Amopé™ Foot Cream to create a wonderful foot moisturizing experience.
(The idea here is to first use the Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File and do away with hard skin before applying the moisturizers).
Thoroughly apply the cream and gel moisturizing mixture on your feet and put on your DIY socks. Leave them on overnight so the moisturizers can penetrate well. Remove socks in the morning and place them in the washing machine or wash by hand.

I hope my mom gets excited about her gift basket.

She has forever left a ‘footprint’ in my heart and deserves all the love and pampering in the world.

Is anyone else giving their mom a themed gift basket? I’d love for you to share!!

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Michelle said...

What a cool idea for the socks. I hate it when my socks (and floor) get all nasty from me moisturizing my feet. This is a perfect solution!

Anabel Marquez said...

Thanks Michelle!
Once the socks are ready to go, it's actually a lot of fun to mix & apply the moisturizers!

Sheran said...

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