Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Make a Mini Mariachi Sombrero Cake!

In anticipation of Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month, here's a pastelito of a sombrerito (a little cake, shaped like a little hat).
If you've been reading my blog, you've probably noticed that I always say my recipes are simple and "easy to make". Well, I'm being honest and this one's no exception.
With the limited amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen, it's nearly impossible to imagine myself spending hours on a gourmet meal (sigh...some day!). But that's why I usually share things that can be done in less than an hour, like this little cake!
The trick for making this mariachi sombrero cake stand out, is to focus on the decorative aspect of it. All you have to do is get a little creative and use white icing to decorate the cakes to look like the embroidery of a real mariachi sombrero.
*Your favorite box of cake mix (& all required ingredients: eggs, water, vegetable oil, etc.)
*White cake frosting (I used pre-packaged Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting).
*Chocolate cake frosting
*A cute little helper...(Benny actually loved being involved with making the batter)

*Small cake pan (I used Wilton 6 in.x 2in deep pan)
*Cupcake pan
*Decorative Writing Tip (I used Wilton tip #3)
*Black Food Dye

1. Once your cake batter is ready, pour into 6 in. pan as well as cupcake molds and bake as indicated on the box instructions.
2. Slice the top of a plump cupcake to give it a flat surface so it can sit perfectly over the cake. The cupcake will be used as the top of the hat.

3. This is what it will look like before you begin decorating. In order to make a black-colored mariachi hat, the fastest and easiest thing to do is to add black food coloring to brown chocolate frosting  (see below). Use a spatula to spread the frosting as evenly as possible.

Optional: Once you've covered the cake with black frosting, you can cut a small wedge all around the bottom of the cake. This will give the cake the effect of a thinner hat brim (see below)....
This also allows the cake to give the illusion that it's floating :)
The decorating of the cake is the fun part! I used a very small tip to create tiny dots and large circles. I basically doodled and played with frosting until I thought I had a pretty cakey-looking mariachi hat.
It's a bit messy but you get the point! I'm sure fondant would be fantastic for something like this.
Thanks for reading!

En español

Con motivo de la celebración del Dia de la Independencia de México y el Mes de Herencia Hispana, aquí les presento un pastelito de un sombrerito de mariachi.

Si has leído mi blog, te habrás dado cuenta que tiendo  a decir siempre que mis recetas son sencillas y "fáciles de hacer". Y es que, estoy siendo honesta y éste pastelito no es ninguna excepción.

Con el tiempo limitado que tengo para dedicar a la cocina, es imposible que me proponga a completar recetas complicadas. Es por eso que comparto recetas y proyectos que se pueden hacer en menos de una hora, como este pequeño pastel!
El truco para hacer este sombrero de mariachi se centra en el aspecto decorativo del mismo. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es ponerte un poco creativo y usar glaseado blanco para decorarlo a que se parezca el bordado de un sombrero de mariachi.

* Mezcla para pastel (y todos los ingredientes necesarios: huevos, agua, aceite vegetal, etc.)
* Glaseado blanco (yo usé un glaseado preparado de Betty Crocker, sabor vainilla).
* Glaseado de chocolate (color café)
* Un pequeño ayudante lindo... (Benny pidió estar involucrado con la preparación del pastel)

* Pequeño molde para pasteles (yo usé un molde de 6 pulgadas de marca Wilton)
* Molde para pastelitos tipo “cupcake"
* Espátula
* Manga pastelera (yo usé la punta # 3 de marca Wilton
* Tinte negro para alimentos

Se ve un poco desarreglado pero el punto es que se parezca un poco al sombrero de un mariachi, como el que cantó en Guadalajara: Viva Mexico!

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