Monday, September 7, 2015

Simple Angry Bird (Red Bird) Pancakes

Angry birds have been around for quite a while but it wasn’t until recently that Benny discovered the app on one of our phones and quickly learned the ways of successful finger bird launching!
The other morning he asked if he could have an Angry Bird pancake for breakfast and I figured, well, “I think I can”.
Here is what you will need to make similar “Red Bird” pancakes:

Pancake Batter (I used Zodiack’s ‘just add water’ pancake mix)
Red & Yellow food dye

Start by adding red food dye to your pancake batter and pour inside a squeeze bottle.
Set aside a small portion of pancake batter and mix yellow and red food dye to create orange-colored pancake batter.
You’ll have to make sure you use a griddle or non-stick pan/skillet that is free of scratches… this is key in making sure the pancakes turn out smooth.
Make sure you’re using low heat and the pan is pretty warm before pouring the batter.
Use the squeeze bottle as a pen, so to speak, to draw out silhouette of Red bird’s head, which is basically a circle with two small ridges (bird crest) on top.  Once your outline is done, fill in the circle with the rest of the red batter.

For the beak, I didn’t use the squeeze bottle; I tried forming two triangles by pouring the orange-colored batter straight out of the bowl and that didn’t really work so I used a fork to cut the edges. Note: I added a bit of butter to the pan to make it easier to lift the smaller pancake pieces.

I made another round pancake (no food coloring), to serve as the bird chin. I had to cut the bottom to match the red pancake shape.

Lastly, I placed all the pieces together and used blueberries to make the angry-looking eyebrows which are very characteristic of this particular bird. Once those were in place, I used Reddi-Whip (2 small squirts) to make the eyes and placed raisins over the Reddi-Whip as the pupils.

Benny loved his pancake and asked for syrup too, of course!

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