Friday, November 13, 2015

Date Night Essentials for a busy, pregnant mommy!

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Even before moving to our new home, Paul and I had not been on a date in a long time.
I’ve been busy with work, he’s working too and going to school for his Master’s Degree and it’s just been an extremely hectic couple of months.
But recently we went on a much anticipated little dinner outing.
Now, we still have most of our things packed in boxes while we paint and make repairs to our new home so I knew I wouldn’t be able to find my date-night appropriate clutch to match my dress.
I basically had to carry my huge character tote bag, which honestly, I don’t mind since it’s proven to be my go-to bag for ANYTHING I need.

What’s better is that my big bag was able to fit all of my date night essentials, which include:

·         A tube of ChapStick Total Hydration (clinically proven healthier looking lips)
·         A package of tissues (I’m super emotional these days)
·         Several packets of Emergen-C (More Healthy Days, More Healthy Nights…wink wink)
·         My cell phone (in case the babysitter calls)
·         My wallet (sometimes I offer to pay the bill before Paul…LOL)
·         Centrum Vitamints (a Refreshingly Minty Multivitamin)!
·         My makeup pouches (two of them to be exact)
·         Sunglasses of course (because we live in sunny Southern California)
·         And Advil Liqui-Gels because nothing’s faster on tough pain (among OTC pain relievers).

The ChapStick Total Hydration, Emergen-C, Centrum VitaMints and Advil Liqui-Gels are all found within different aisles inside WalMart's pharmacy department.

So how do I access these small essentials in a bag full of stuff that includes random toddler toys?
Well, I try to be a little organized and place things in containers that pretty much stand out.
For my cell phone, for example, I know to look for the burgundy-colored case.

When reaching for my ChapStick, I look for a bright, funky, homemade case with sparkly details and glittery elements!
Recently, I made several ChapStick cases out of brown paper coin holders, you know those small tubes that hold coins which make it easier to count your piggy bank savings?
Turns out, I like to paint and craft when I have free time and one day when I discovered a drawer full of paper coin tubes, I started painting and decorating them for fun and because I needed a stress reliever.

Before I knew it, I had a collection of colorful cases that stand out inside a crowded purse!
The paper container that holds nickels is the best fit for my Chapstick Total Hydration tube.
Here’s how to make a similar case.

1.       Paper coin containers
2.       Different colored paints & paint brush
3.       Embellishments like stickers, glitter, confetti, etc.
4.       Paint pens
5.       glue

Start by painting a tube a solid color. I chose pink because I love girly colors! 

To make a skull, draw a shape similar to a light bulb and use a paint pen to color it white.

At the bottom of the "light bulb" shape, draw a line and once that's done, you draw small, elongated ovals across the line (to make teeth). 

You can get creative with your image. I drew a heart on the forehead area of the skull and round eyes with lashes. The nose should be an inverted heart. 

Finally, you can use confetti, glitter and stickers to embellish your ChapStick tube and write cute, flirty messages!

Now I’m curious to learn about YOUR date night essentials. What items do you carry for healthy living?

Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Water! I carry a water bottle with me everrrrywhere. Btw, I'm gonna have to pick me up some of those Vitamints!

Unknown said...

The Vitamints are awesome! I hate carrying bottled water because I feel it adds like 30 pounds of weight to my bag... But Paul always has a gallon of water... He won't leave the house without one. Lol

Stephanie said...

This is such a cute idea! I have ChapStick all over my house so it would be fun to have cute cases for them. And, I bet I could occupy my three kids to make fun designs! Thanks for sharing your date night essentials! {client}