Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Totally 'Fab' Saturday Morning with Benny at Au Fudge!

It had been a while since Benny and I had a "mommy date", especially if you factor in the long months of pregnancy that made me feel too exhausted to go on outings with my son.
But on Saturday, we headed out to actress Jessica Biel's restaurant "Au Fudge", a posh little family place in West Hollywood with playrooms and fun areas featuring a tree house, a photo booth and a mini arcade. The actress and her business partners got it right. They cleverly figured it was time for a really cute grub spot that catered to children and adults alike. 
At the restaurant's entrance sits a lady who does face painting and balloon figures for the littles while parents look over the drink menu and wait to be seated. 

 On this occasion, Benny and I had the pleasure of visiting Au Fudge for a mommy blogger event hosted by FabKids

It was sort of an early Mother's Day gathering and a real treat for me, considering I hadn't left Toby alone with Paul for longer than an hour (the breastfeeding schedule has me pretty tied down)! 

Benny and I munched on grilled cheese sandwiches, Mac n Cheese and brownies and I even got a glam sesh, courtesy of Glam Squad LA, while Benny made crafts with buddies he met there.

Best of all, my son and I reconnected with laughs, hugs, kisses and car ride conversations about Star Wars and his little friend John who likes to play "zombies". 

When we got home I asked Benny if he had fun and he quickly replied "yes". Then he asked: "When Toby gets older can we take him there too?".

My heart liquefied. It just melted again.

Thanks JustFab for the invitation.

Benny's outfit and my shoes were gifted prior to attending the brunch... And we plan on wearing them often! 

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