Friday, April 1, 2016

Move over, March!

Mommy's baby bunny!

March, what happened to you? 
One day you came and now it's April.
I can't reiterate enough how fast time passes! 

Our last date night before giving birth and literally ready to POP (one week before Toby's arrival). A young Darth Vader enjoyed the babysitting services of his nina Irene and Tia Frenchee.

The third month of the year was about preparing for the arrival of Tobias, coming home with our newborn baby and trying to make St. Patrick's Day & Easter as festive as possible for Benny, without leaving the house. 
Somehow we made it work and I credit much of that to my husband who has really stepped it up and come through as my real-life Superman. <3
Here are some images from our life in March, at home, with a newborn!
Best wishes to all for a lovely month of April!

At the hospital  with my newborn. March 10, 2016.

My maternal grandmother, Mama Gela, meeting Toby for the first time. Toby is her 10th great grandchild!

My little sister was in town from Switzerland. She came to meet Baby Toby and spend some time with the family. When the three of us are together, it's nothing but good times!

Before returning to Zurich, Frances left a Star Wars-themed Easter basket for Benny Boy.

Easter treats for Benny in our backyard!

In anticipation of his first Rugby match, Benny wore Pau l's old rugby uniform from his days as a college player at Loyola Marymount University.

Motherhood is not easy and breastfeeding is not easy. At times I feel tired, sleep-deprived and inefficient...but there's so much love, joy and peace that comes with a baby that I know everything will fall into place, as it should. 

At Toby's 2-week check-up, we learned he had gained 9 ounces in 7 days...yay!

En español
Querido mes de marzo, ¿qué te pasó?
Llegaste un día y ya estamos en abril.
¡No puedo dejar de reiterar  lo rápido que pasa el tiempo!

El tercer mes del año se trató de preparar para el nacimiento de Tobías, llegar a casa con nuestro bebé recién nacido y hacer lo posible por celebrar los días de San Patricio y Pascua de la manera más divertida posible para mi hijo Benny, sin salir de la casa.
De alguna manera lo logramos, en gran parte con la ayuda de mi esposo que me ha apoyado bastante hasta el punto que lo estoy considerando mi Superman.
Aquí les comparto algunas imágenes del mes de marzo con bebé en casa.

Los mejores deseos para un mes de abril lindo y exitoso…

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