Monday, April 11, 2016

Fun Activities to Help Toddlers Bond with Their Newborn Siblings - Part II

A few days ago, I shared the first of three activities we created at home with my toddler to encourage a fun play environment inclusive of my newborn son. 
See the post here.
Basically, we wanted our toddler Benny to feel a connection with his baby brother Tobias because he was showing a bit of jealousy when we brought baby home from the hospital. 
Our play activities turned out fun and hilarious but most importantly, served to show Benny that he has a lifelong buddy to share playtime and adventures with!

This is the second of three activities I'm sharing to show how we're dissuading sibling rivalry one play date at a time...

Note: these play activities require adult supervision. AT. ALL. TIMES.

Benny the Barber

It all happened in a corner of our family room! A sign, a gatorade bottle wrapped in striped paper & the top of a miniature gumball machine to serve as the barber pole. 

Benny the Barber started by giving his youngest client a clean shave. No problems there...

Barber accessories were a mix of baby brushes and combs and a play barber set I found on Amazon. Note: the scissors are play scissors!!
Barber shop pricing sign made by yours truly...LOL

Benny the barber said Toby wanted a baby curl... (below-- he prepares to work on baby's hair)

It starts with a smooth brushing of hair...

And the baby curl was a total success! Toby is sitting on a Mommaroo, which made the seating situation possible for a client as little as he...Teehee

 Thanks for reading... Stay tuned for Part III our Toddler-Newborn play activities!

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Can't wait to see part 3! :) thanks for sharing.