Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July Weekend Getaway

Spontaneous weekend getaways usually turn out to be the funnest and most memorable, especially when they happen on a holiday weekend.
We just returned from Pine Mountain Club, a quaint and cozy mountainside town about an hour and a half away from the San Fernando Valley.
My husband's cousin owns a cabin there and this cabin, which is usually rented most of the year, happened to be available this weekend, so we took off!
Sigh. Smiles. Happiness.
How nice it is to disconnect from the busy LA life and have a family retreat in a warm and lovely cabin! 
I tried to make our trip really festive and create fun Independence Day memories.
That's why you'll see quite a few pictures with red white & blue!
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Before the trip, we started getting into the 4th of July spirit with candy apples at home.
Pine Mountain Club is located in Kern County, a perfect getaway when you have small kids and don't want to spend hours traveling to your destination.

I made a 4th of July inspired pancake breakfast. These are supposed to be blue fireworks. The stars were made from strawberries.
Benny's been taking swim lessons... which made our visit to the community swimming pool, less stressful

Keeping with the red, white, blue-- I made some adult beverages with 7-up, vodka and a cherry on top. Two drops of blue food dye made these the perfect holiday afternoon drink. 

Due to the fire hazard in mountain regions, fireworks are not allowed... but nobody said we couldn't have a mad glow-in-the-dark patriotic party!!!

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