Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A 50th Birthday Celebration for our Dear Auntie!

Back in 2003, my sisters and I started a party business in Oxnard. 
We named our business "A Glance of Elegance" LOL!! 
At that time, with no social media and minimal marketing, we were hired to decorate two major events, for which we charged $2,000 each. It was a lot of work... but for three young girls with no real income at the time, it was nice to put cash in our wallets and most importantly, to see our clients appreciate our work. One of those events was a Cinderella-themed Quinceañera and we LITERALLY built a Pumpkin carriage with our dad's help!!!

Anyway, this party business was very short-lived because I was on my way to my first out-of-state job as news reporter and my sisters had to finish high school and would eventually move to San Francisco. Needless to say, we still love party planning & event styling!
We've had so much fun putting together such events as 

Benjamin's Baptism
Frances' Pin-Up Themed Bridal Shower
Irene's Chanel Themed Bridal Shower
Dad's World-themed 60th Birthday Party 

and this past weekend, we styled & decorated my dear aunt Ofelia's 50th birthday.

Cakes were from the Bread Basket in Camarillo

We also included desserts from Porto's Bakery and caramel apples as party favors.

We placed a Eucalyptus branch on each place setting to add a touch of greenery to the gold, silver and white.

My aunt has a gorgeous Tuscan style home with an equally beautiful backyard. So we wanted to create something that matched her home decor. We went with berry and mauve colors. We used a lot of eucalyptus and amaranths for the cake table and decided to stick with formal place settings for dinner.

Our flowers of choice were pink Peonies and wine colored Ranunculus

I made her "fifty" cake topper and glitter words by using a pretty font, gold paper and some tiny scissors!It was all too fun. 

Funny thing is, we're once again thinking of getting back into the event planning business with a strict focus on birthday parties. 
Life's too short to have a boring party, don't cha think?

Happy 50th Birthday to this lovely lady, Ofelia Godinez. The youngest of eight siblings and a wonderful person with a heart of gold and a deep faith in God!

Thanks for reading!

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