Friday, November 22, 2013

Irene's Chanel-Themed Bridal Shower

Frances and I believe that Irene's bridal shower was the perfect mix of fancy and festive.

Lifelong family friends Silvia & Lizeth Lopez
The lovely Cervantes ladies
It was so delightful to see guests arrive in their little black dresses/outfits!

Cousin Vivi -- a childhood friend!
The garden looked romantic and we were hoping to give it a Parisian feel, which was complemented by Edith Piaf music in the background.

Champagne Flutes ready for the pouring of the bubbly.

Dessert table with pearlescent gum balls, gold foiled chocolates, Oreo cookies, powdered donuts & more!
Irene's best friend, our beloved Moni Llanes
My cousin Cindy made an amazing vanilla and fresh fruit Chanel cake.
As a way to entertain guests, we kept it simple with three games, which included a “design your own little black dress” competition (Irene picked her top six which made them winners of the necklace centerpieces), we also played “name the fashion designer” and “guess the number of pearls in the garden”.

Chanel themed cake and other pastries

Finally we hired a Flamenco dancer to entertain the guests and offer a dancing lesson or two… Kudos to cousin Monica who really showed she has some moves!

Toward the end our affair, all of our aunts, our wonderful mother and grandmother presented Irene with religious and symbolic gifts.

Tia Ani presents Irene with a wooden crucifix

The Marquez Sisters -- we complete each other.
It was a beautiful day in honor of a beautiful person.
Love you sister. Can’t wait for the wedding! Tick-Tock, Tick Tock.


Unknown said...

Sister, thank you guys again SO much for such a FAB bridal shower!!!! Love you guys!!!!

Anabel Marquez said...

We love you so much, sissy!

Emily @ Anna Delores said...

This is so great, what a gorgeous shower! You did an incredible job, Anabel!

Anabel Marquez said...

Thanks Emily!! Don't even get me started on your photography...AMAZING!