Friday, November 15, 2013

The Los Angeles Zoo

Meerkat at the L.A. Zoo
The Meerkats at the Los Angeles Zoo are very, very, very significant to this world.
These charming creatures, originally from South Africa, housed at the Los Angeles Zoo provided the inspiration for the animators of Disney’s The Lion King in their creation of Timon (the movie's funny Meerkat character).

I read this on the zoo’s historical timeline and I personally called the zoo and spoke to a public relations representative who confirmed that indeed, Disney animators are always stopping by the LA Zoo for inspiration for their upcoming projects!

Last month, my best friend Sheryl treated Benny and I to the LA Zoo. (Admission is $18.00 per person 13 years & older; children under 2 are free). I am quite disappointed in myself for not having gone before because I must say – a trip to the zoo was quite a treat!

Sheryl & Benny in front of the Giraffe Exhibit
Benny absolutely loved the zoo. He specifically enjoyed the otters and the Siamang Monkeys. So much so, that he threw a fit every time we walked away from the otters and he wouldn’t let go of the railing outside of the monkey cages.

After observing the animals, Benny enjoys lunch at the zoo
The LA Zoo opened on November 28, 1966. Among the animals at the zoo on opening day was Methuselah, an American Alligator that went on to live for 44 years!!! Methusela passed away in 2010 (part of the reason I’m mad about never visiting the zoo before… I could have met this alligator!). Nonetheless, we enjoyed observing other animals with impressive life spans such as the Gorillas who can live up to 53 years in captivity, and these zebras in the background (who can weigh up to 900 pounds).

In front of the zebras!
The zoo is opened seven days a week (except on Christmas Day) from 10am to 5pm. Visitors are asked to NEVER feed the animals. A zookeeper told us that people’s ignorance of this important rule has led to many animals acquiring illnesses such as diabetes. So sad.

A Mountain Tapir rests peacefully at the L.A. Zoo
The zoo is a non-profit organization that is available for all to enjoy thanks to generous donors and profits from admission tickets. 
Website here:
Overall, it’s such a good way to spend a day in L.A. Thanks Tia Sheryl, we love you!

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