Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Building Room

The Building Room's Central Playground
Looking through my Groupon cell phone app one day, I was surprised to find an offer for a five-day admission voucher to a children’s activity playroom, located in my neck of the woods.
This was quite surprising since most child-activity related Groupons are nowhere near my house and mostly located in more kid-friendly and diverse areas like Pasadena, Downtown and the West side. But this offer was in West Covina so naturally, I purchased.

It was a 5-day pass to the Building Room for $20. 
It really wasn't an amazing deal considering children from 10 months to a year (like Benny) pay $4.00 for a one-day general admission ticket. Still, it seemed like a good thing to buy in support of the local economy.

We frequently take Benny to the local library so changing up the evening activity venue was a good idea, I thought. Quite frankly, I wasn't disappointed. 

This new indoor playground is a good escape for children. According to the website, the Building Room is designed to look like a local neighborhood with themed rooms that surround an indoor park.

There are all sorts of building blocks and activities for children. As you can imagine, Benny’s had a ball (literally!) each time we’ve taken him.

Places like these seem far more instrumental for a child’s development than say, Chuck E. Cheese (which Benny loves too) but it’s up to the community to support and continue to visit this relatively new venue in order to keep it open and successful.

Did I mention you can host a child’s birthday party here?

The Building Room is sorta' hidden in a corner
The Building Room is located at 1208 W. Francisquito Ave. Ste. F West Covina, CA 91790

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