Monday, December 9, 2013

Blog Milestone - 6 months!

Here on Benny's Baptism--  the first event I ever blogged about!
I am taken aback by the reality of the phrase that we've heard all our lives and frequently repeat:
"Time Flies"
It's been six months since I started blogging and what a pleasure it's been!
You'll notice I take a break here and there to attend to busy evenings and hectic weeks.
But in general, I don't think I've gone longer than 2 weeks without blogging.

When my Benny was so 'wittle'

Celebrating Mother's Day 2013 -- here with grandpa Pablo David
Benny and his godmother, "Nina Irene" watching cartoons.
I've learned that sharing about life experiences in a positive tone and keeping things cheerful with words while telling about a husband and son can take a person to great places!
I've reached over 10,000 page views and I've been invited to attend great gigs for mommy bloggers.
Most importantly, I've given myself a chance to unwind late at night and reflect and write about things that make me smile and teach me to continue enjoying the little things in life.
Thanks for reading!
You'll be finding a new post each day until the end of the year from now on.
Beginning January 1st, I will change my format a little bit to reflect the demands of today's blog reader-- less writing/more visuals.
I will also keep my topics focused on five subjects:
Disney-- because I am a HUGE fan of all things Disney (Mickey Monday)
Raising a Toddler-- because it's what keeps me busy (Toddler Tuesday)
Fitness-- because I am no amazing athlete but it offers my life great balance (Workout Wednesday)
Food & Drink-- because who doesn't love delicious things to eat? (Tasty Thursday)
Mommy Fashion Trends-- because I love to feel good inside and out (Fashion Friday)
Anything to share that doesn't fall within the aforementioned categories will be posted on Saturdays & Sundays.
Have a good night!

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