Thursday, December 12, 2013

Benjamin's 1st Birthday!

How do you celebrate a birthday for the most amazing little miracle that you never imagined could fill your heart with so much love?
I wasn't sure at first.
I knew I didn't want to throw a huge party for my Benny (he's too young to truly appreciate it) but I certainly wanted to host something intimate and festive to celebrate his first year of life.
So I started thinking about his nursery and my love for Disney and the innocence behind thinking of my baby becoming a "real boy" and the answer was crystal clear: PINOCCHIO!

I didn't want to spend too much money on catering so I figured we could have Pizza and play on the whole Italian idea (fun, right?) and I wanted this afternoon to be a treat for the people who love Benny most: Abuelo Pancho & Grandpa Pablo and Grandma Dotty and Mama Lupita, his grandparents. I hired a beautiful accordionist who played Italian favorites throughout the evening and I found an incredible costume artist from whom I rented the perfect little Pinocchio costume for my Benny. I know this may sound like I'm tooting my own horn but Benny's birthday celebration was magical!
Thank you Katrina Saroyan for the beautiful melodies (Check out the accordionist's website here: )
And thank you Maurissa Leon for sewing such a beautiful outfit and trusting me to rent it from you! (see Maurissa's website here:

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