Thursday, November 14, 2013

Charlie Brown Farms

Have you ever driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas along Pear Blossom Highway?
If so, then you must already be familiar with Charlie Brown Farms. It’s an over-the-top, fully stocked store of all things, edible, drinkable, chewable, collectible, phenomenal and kitchy, located in the city of Littlerock (near Lancaster).
Over the summer, Paul made it a point to stop there on our way back from Vegas and I was just in ‘random stuff’ heaven!

And by random stuff, I truly mean RANDOM STUFF. I found everything from bacon flavored soda, squirrel underwear and Disney cookie jars to handmade wind chimes, Jalapeno pepper fudge, Avocado honey and dinosaur props. Hold on, come again?

What? It was like a theme park store for the masses, young and old, modern & traditional. It doesn’t matter who enters the store…they are certain to find something they like inside.

Dozens of different types of flavored fudge

Yes, Avocado Honey

All sorts of wind chimes
You need fresh, juicy and extremely sweet fruit? It’s there.
You want a selection of dozens of teas? Done.
Looking for vintage toys? Look no further!

Room full of vintage toys

Interested in the biggest collection of Betty Boop gifts? This is it.
How about miniature ceramics and Christmas ornaments? Yup.
Thinking of a cold, fresh date (fruit) smoothie? They've got it.

150 different kinds of shakes to choose from!
Hungry for some good ol’ barbecue? It’s all at Charlie Brown Farms!
I needn’t go further. This extraordinary shop of all things, um, of all things everything, is a treat for the senses.

Warning: the outside looks like a barn covered in uninviting, overwhelming publicity!!
Charlie Brown Farms: 8317 Pearblossom HwyLittlerockCA 93543

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