Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Festivities with the Boo-Boo

In my house, as long as there’s kids in the picture, we’ll be celebrating the seasons!!
I can’t say how excited my sisters and I were growing up knowing that every holiday was a reason to celebrate. In the Fall, there were pumpkins and Halloween. The winter brought tamales, posadas and big Christmas Parties. Spring brought Easter Egg Hunts and gift baskets, etc. etc.
This year, Benny and I have had a lot of fun celebrating all the different holidays but the Fall has been particularly full of activities. 

First off, we made a trip to Disneyland as soon as the Fall decorations went up. It was sort of a mommy date with Benny since we spent an entire day at both parks. We got on rides together, watched shows and even had lunch at the new Carthay Circle Restaurant inside California Adventure (I had a steak salad with a signature cocktail and Benny had a bowl of pasta with a cup of apple juice).

Enjoying a fancy lunch at Carthay Circle Restaurant 

On another day, we enjoyed the Hurst Ranch’s Annual Fall Festival in West Covina, where Benny pet a donkey and couldn’t stop staring at a little llama.

Hi Little Llama!

Then, we went to a pumpkin patch in Monrovia, where Benny crawled in between the pumpkins and helped mommy pick out three of them for carving purposes (somehow two of them ended up at my parents’ house, uncarved…hehehe).

My cousin Cindy hosts a yearly Halloween Cookie Decorating Party and even though Benny's too young to decorate cookies, I took him and he enjoyed spending time with his cousins Franco, Iris and Noah while the older kids decorated.

Benny and his little cousin Iris
The kids decorate their very own Halloween cookies

As far as Halloween, I tried several costumes on Benny and his babysitter dressed him up as Alfalfa from The Little Rascals. Ultimately, though, Benny was most comfortable in a Dinosaur Costume that one of my high school best friends (Elsa) bought him even before he was born! On Halloween night, we greeted trick-or-treaters at the door but when it came to handing out candy, Benny wouldn’t release the chocolate bars from his little hands…LOL!

The fall has been a lot of fun. Now let’s see what Thanksgiving will bring... And I certainly can’t wait to share our winter adventures! By the way, the first official day of winter this year is December 21.

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