Monday, September 26, 2016

Sharing some pancake creations on National Pancake Day!

I just recently learned September 26 is National Pancake Day.
I've been playing with pancake batter and colors for about 2 years now, ever since I realized that they had become Benny's absolute favorite breakfast meal.
At first, it was really cute to watch him hold a fork and take a small piece of the warm, spongy hotcake, syrup dripping and all, into his tiny little mouth.
One morning I visited Pinterest for some inspiration and my eyes opened up to a universe of pancake art!
Eventually, I found some incredibly talented pancake artists, like Nathan Shields and Tomato Tiger (Google them...incredible work) and I discovered LA mommy Lily Martinez on Instagram who has some amazing pancake skills.
After seeing the stuff these talented individuals were making, I quietly retreated back to my little kitchen and figured I'd be better off focusing on my day job... LOL
But then Benny continued making specific requests for dinosaur and spaceship pancakes and I decided to start messing around with different shapes on the pan, often using food dye.

This one was a bad pineapple looking thing!  LOL

These pancakes were made to look like a burger and fries!

Donut shaped pancakes with cream cheese and sprinkles.

Two years later, I'm still playing with pancake batter and even though I haven't mastered the skill, I do it for the smile on my little boy's face.
I don't photograph every single time I make a themed pancake but I'm happy to share some funky little designs I've created and posted on my social media channels.

This one is supposed to be a "Concha" a popular Mexican sweet bread

Enjoy and Happy National Pancake Day!

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