Friday, September 2, 2016

Burbank's Bob's Big Boy Burgers!

A special shout out to my use of alliteration on this post's title, dont cha think?
I see my use of words beginning with the letter "B" and I Become Borderline Boastful. Ok. Done.

The Bob's Big Boy Burgers joint in Burbank is the real deal. It received the "State Point of Historical Interest" designation in 1993 by the state of California and the owners have made sure it lives up to its designation with careful preservation of its design, look and props.
Recently, Benny was apparently craving a cheeseburger and asked that we take him to "FLAT MURGERS". 
He meant Fatburger.
And since we were in the Burbank area, my husband Paul convinced Benny to give Bob's Big Boy a shot. What a good idea it was!
We enjoyed an early lunch outdoors and Benny pretty much loved his cheeseburger, one that was fairly accompanied by his first-ever root beer float.
I had a salad with frequent sips of my husband's incredible, INCREDIBLE chocolate milk shake, that arrives in a silver tin goblet (and a cherry on top).
It's a great place to dine with the family and enjoy the "1940's transitional design of streamline modern style while anticipating the free-form 50's coffee shop architecture."


Bob's Big Boy Burgers
4211 W Riverside Drive
Burbank CA 91505
(818) 843-9334

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