Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pure Disney Fun & Excitement at D23!

Every Disney Lover's Dream Convention! 

I had never attended a D23 Expo before...until Friday.
When I got to the Anaheim Convention Center and walked through the doors into the Exhibit Hall, I was flabbergasted.
I knew I would be surrounded by Disney loving folks and cool Disney-themed displays but I wasn't ready to be confronted with a world of pure Disney Magic at every corner!
Welcoming guests into the show floor was a big stage with a live music band, playing high energy tunes.
Signs, displays, props, and products with colorful Disney characters and other details decorated stands, booths, tables and floors.
There was a Minnie Mouse van, a princess and villain couture dress display, an virtual reality Lion King experience.

Ethan Allen, the furniture store, had an entire Disney-themed "home" with Mickey chairs, sofas, wall art and Star Wars furniture in the kids' bedroom showroom.
There was a display of a giant pair of special edition (and sold-out) Mickey Mouse Ray-Ban sunglasses as well as Donald Duck luggage, special edition Oswald merchandise and a section where Baristas made lattes with Disney designs.

Then there were the costumes. Oh my God. The friendliest, happiest people were at the D23 Expo donning the most creative Disney character costumes. Every single person I approached was more than happy to let me take pictures and enthusiastically talk about their cosplay designs.

This incredible convention was also extremely crowded. If you wanted to get a sandwich for lunch, you'd better wait in a super long line. If you wanted to listen to the panels, people were standing in line three hours in advance. That's because Disney uses the D23 Expo to announce many new & upcoming projects, attractions, experiences and movies... and Disney fans from around the world are anxious to be first in line to find out!
I was happy to see one of my fellow Disney Parks Moms Panelists, Lindsey Morris, who was in town from Texas.

And even though mommy and family obligations prevented me from staying longer than a day, or sitting through an entire panel, or seeing Oprah Winfrey, or hearing Bob Iger speak, I now understand why Disney fans make plans two years in advance to attend the D23 Expo (the expo is held every other year). It was a dynamic and exciting experience full of good music, friendly attendees and Disney charm and if I didn't think before, now I know to plan ahead for the 2019 D23 Expo.
By the way, the "D" stands for Disney and the "23" represents the year 1923 when Walt Disney founded the company.

This year's D23 Expo will continue through Sunday but as you can imagine, tickets are sold out.

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Unknown said...

my sister rocio was there Friday morning at 4am! and she attended all three days. and yes, she did plan this out two years in advance lol