Saturday, July 8, 2017

Review: Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes

Make it a point to catch Superhero stunts and live action in LA, Ontario or Anaheim!

When Spider-Man came swinging into the Staples Center Friday Night to challenge a mean, rude "bad guy," my sons Benny and Toby either got really excited or went along with the collective excitement that was expressed throughout the arena.
Kids were cheering and clapping to see their favorite half-arachnid, half-human character come to the rescue and my two boys were no exception.

Benny was enjoying an ice-cold lemonade sold inside a Marvel Hero-themed cup and Toby was extremely attentive to the bright lights and stunt fights in front of him.
The Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes show has arrived at the Staples Center with plenty of action battles, familiar Superheroes (and villains) and loud-thumping sound effects, bright lights, smoke and props (like a taxi cab that arrives looking flawless and ends up getting wrecked by the special powers of the characters).

It's definitely an action-packed show, suitable for boys and girls and very thorough with the number of Marvel heroes that audiences get to see (twenty-five to be exact).

There were a few scenes where Toby was scared but then again, he's 14 months old, quite impressionable and a total mama's boy.

Benny, my 4-year old was beyond excited. When Groot and Rocket Raccoon made their first appearance, he nearly jumped out of his seat. Further, I was very surprised to learn he knew so many of the characters that I was unfamiliar with, like the villains Yondu and Rhino. 

Overall, the show makes for a great family outing and your kids will be thrilled!
The Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes show will be held at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles through tomorrow night (get your tickets here).

Next Stop:Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA from July 13-16

Honda Center in Anaheim from July 20-23

Have fun and enjoy the show!

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