Friday, October 25, 2013

Baby Benny's Allergies

After months of noticing an on-going eczema reoccurrence on certain areas of Benny’s face (so sad), we wanted to find out exactly what was triggering the eczema.

By the way, eczema is a chronic inflammation of the skin, often caused by allergies and resulting in a rash. 

A little patch of eczema on Benny's cheek

Even before Benny was born, I guess I already knew my child might be pre-disposed since I too suffered from eczema as a baby (Benny is seriously my mini-me!). But one thing is hearing the stories and looking at pictures of yourself as a baby and another is holding your own sweet, happy, little child and knowing he has it...It suddenly makes the skin condition more painful!

Another patch of eczema by his left jaw

We have managed to keep it under control with prescription creams and other home treatments like oatmeal baths, Aloe Vera and by keeping him in temperature-controlled environments (hot weather makes it worse). Even then, we wanted to get to the root of the problem. So we waited until Benny turned the required 9 months to get a comprehensive allergy test. His pediatrician, Dr. Imelda Tanchoco, called us with the results soon after she got the blood work results.

Here Benny's lower cheek eczema was flaring up
Benny tested positive for -- eggs. When I heard this, two things went through my mind— first, thank God my son is not allergic to fruits, vegetables and dairy!
My second thought was--- WHAAAAT!?!? Who the heck is feeding my son eggs? It’s a universal fact that babies shouldn’t eat eggs. Period.

So we spoke to his sitter and then I started thinking: Benny loves homemade veggie soups, which often contain a pasta product, like noodles, fideo, rice or spaghetti. Then I went to my kitchen cupboards and started pulling pasta boxes off the shelves and reading the ingredients. And whaddaya know? Eggs and egg whites are often listed as ingredients in many pasta products. So there you have it.

Playful Little Benny's skin cleared up recently

This doesn’t mean Benny will not be able to eat noodles later in life—but we simply have to avoid giving them to him as an infant to avoid eczema breakouts and wait until Dr.Tanchoco recommends we re-introduce his beloved sopita.

Found these little toy eggs at Lakeshore 

His eczema has since improved but that can be attributed to the cooler Autumn temperatures. Still, we will watch his meals carefully and for now, as a way to remind him of the one thing that he cannot eat, I bought him a cute little “Peek ‘n Peep Eggs” Carton from toymaker Kidzookie...Baha!


Unknown said...

Ayyy, mi cosita!!! So sad, when I see him with the nasty eczema both you and I suffered from! But so glad you are controlling it! Love you guys!

Unknown said...

Hermanita, I'm sorry baby benny is going through this. I'm glad to hear that its being controlled and taken care of. Everything will be okay. Have a great weekend and sending much love! I love you baby benny..

Camille said...

I know this is several years later, but I just want to point out that rice is not a pasta.

Bancroft said...

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