Thursday, October 3, 2013

Taking Baby to the L.A. Garment District

Sure it’s not the cleanest or safest place to take a baby, especially on a weekend, with skid row only a block away and with so many things to see and shop for… but making a trip to the garment district in Downtown L.A. with Abuelo Pancho (my dad) as a babysitter sure made for a good experience.

I had already taken Benny to the Fashion district when he was about 6 months old…but I was there very briefly and at that point he was still sleeping most of the day so he didn’t take in the experience. I figured that at 9 months old, with his senses and curiosity in full gear, this would be a great experience for him!

First, Benny couldn’t stop watching the parking lot attendants flagging down drivers in an attempt to get them to park in their lots…

Next, he was very intrigued by the smell and the sizzling of the bacon wrapped hotdogs, which are very popular in this part of town…

Abuelo used a baby carrier and Benny couldn’t help but giggle every time they crossed a street.

When we shopped inside a fabric shop, Benny and abuelo sat outside waiting patiently.

Being in Downtown’s garment district was probably a bit of sensory overload for Benny but my son loves movement, color, noise and people so he did quite well.
Next time we’ll stop at the party supply and toy district to prepare for bridal showers and birthday parties…but only if Abuelo can join us again!

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