Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dapper Day (at Disneyland)

Dapper Day at Disneyland started only two years ago (Spring of 2011) by a few creative and vintage fashion-loving individuals who felt the need to "celebrate the tradition of stepping out in style" at the happiest place on earth! Visit Dapper Day Website here

The group that organizes the event itself (DAPPER DAY® Events) is neither operated by nor associated with The Walt Disney Company but it has done a fine job in getting folks to dress the part, show up in style and enjoy a lovely afternoon.
It's a well received event, especially because so much of Disneyland's charm is based on the original designs and trends of the 50's (The park opened in 1955). If you observe Main Street and New Orleans Square, for example, you'll find shops with storefronts that feature vintage-looking signs, decor and styling.

Don't be alarmed, Benny Boy!
Paul and I decided we would go to Dapper Day with Benny this fall and we are so glad that we did!
First off, we arrived in the evening and being dressed in heels and wearing gloves didn't allow me to take too many pictures...but...we made it to the Small World gathering area where many Dapper Day visitors were mingling and having a great time discussing fashions from the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's.

At the Main Street Fire Station, we had a mini photo-shoot with a friendly cast member who allowed us to get on the fire truck, use the firemen's sliding pole and give Benny an opportunity to play atop the antique secretary's desk.

He's going to kill me for posting, but isn't he handsome?
I did my own hair featuring "Victory rolls" following the guidance of a Youtube Tutorial and wore a dress from my closet and comfy, 2-inch thick platform heels. And I pretty much put an outfit together for Paul and Benny based on clothing items from their closets.

Benny wore little overall shorts from Zara that his nina Irene bought him. We used a khaki button shirt I bought at JC Penney and a checkered hat from Crazy 8 children's store... My styling of his little outfit turned out to be a hit because we we're constantly stopped by people who wanted to see him and take pictures of my little dapper boy.

Forgot his annual pass and made us wait!
This was a lot of fun and for annual passholders like us, going to Dapper Day meant enjoying the evening without having to pay at the entrance...although Paul forgot his Disney annual pass at home that day, so we waited FOREVER before they verified his passholder status and let him in the park.
This visit marked Benny's first time riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction (which he loved) and it was his first experience watching the Disneyland Fireworks!

Benny aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction

The Next Dapper day at Disneyland will be on February 23, 2014... See you there, maybe??


Unknown said...

Lol, I love the look on Paul's face in the photo where he forgot his pass. He doesn't look too happy. hehe

Beginning My Journey said...

Such a cute little dapper family!