Sunday, October 27, 2013

Confessions of a Mother during a government shutdown Pt. 2 of 3

My second thought upon realizing that I would be furloughed for longer than a couple of days was to go spend time at my parents’ house with Benny!
Although my mom works full-time, I figured it would be great bonding time for Benny and Abuelo.

Being at my mom and dad’s house during the day on a weekday was reminiscent of my childhood days growing up in Oxnard. The days seemed long and the time never mattered because there really wasn’t much to do other than play and enjoy every moment. So Benny and I did just that (while Paul worked).

We allowed Abuelo to cook delicious, healthy meals for us (Abuelo is changing his eating habits to lead a healthier lifestyle).

We moved Benny’s crib to the living room and let him roll around and play while we watched the news.

On another day, we spent time hanging out with Uncle Chavo (my dad’s brother), who visited us.

We went out to eat a few times with abuelo and when Mama Lupita got home, she gave Benny baths in her kitchen sink (which he absolutely LOVES).

A few days later, Benny's Grandma Dotty, Grandpa Pablo, Auntie Cristina, Uncle Mikey and Tia Rosita traveled to Oxnard to celebrate Auntie Cristina's Birthday. Paul had a day off and we spent a great afternoon laughing and sharing over Italian food.

Here with Grandpa Pablo
Cristina makes a birthday wish!

Tomorrow, I’ll share more about my experiences doing little but enjoying much during the government shutdown.

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