Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Del Real Blogger Food Recipe Challenge-- Voting Time!

My family has been enjoying Del Real Foods for over a year now, since the day they sent me some delicious products for a blog review. We fell in love with the taste and convenience of the meals and have continued using their products every time we find them at our local grocery store.

Today, I'm sharing some of their foods with a few recipe ideas as part of their annual blogger recipe contest. These are super simple, nothing too fancy but just as yummy. If you like any of my ideas, or those of other bloggers, you can vote here:

Del Real Foods Voting Page

Tamale Egg Scramble

1 Del Real Cheese Tamale
2 Eggs
Del Real Refried Beans

Directions: Slice the Del Real Cheese Tamal. Fry in pan for a few minutes until tamales brown and get slightly crispy. Add eggs and scramble them along with the cheese tamale. Serve with beans and enjoy!

PupuSandwiches (Pupusa Sandwiches)

Del Real Cheese & Bell Pepper Pupas

Directions: Begin by slicing a Pupusa in half. Place the slices on the griddle, cheese side up. Once they start getting toasty and the cheese starts melting, remove from griddle and build your Pupusa Sandwich by adding ham, lettuce and tomato. Enjoy!

Grilled Chicken Mini Flautas

Del Real Pollo Asado Kit
1/4 Cup of Mexican Cheese Blend
1/4 Cup of Thinly Sliced Lettuce
1/4 Cup of Sour Cream
2 TBSP of oil for deep frying

Warm up the taco kit tortillas and chicken. Slice lettuce and set aside. Lay out the warm mini tortillas and spoon chicken and cheese on the center of each one. Roll into small tacos and use toothpicks to secure them to avoid spillage of the chicken and cheese. Fry the rolled-up taquitos in cooking oil, until golden brown.
Take them out, lay them flat, remove the toothpicks and any excess oil.
Garnish with sour cream and lettuce.

Thanks for reading!

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