Friday, May 20, 2016

My Breastfeeding Experience-- Part 4: Miscellaneous Products & Info.

This is the fourth and final post about my breastfeeding journey with my second child and information on products that have worked for me (and some that haven't).
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Milk Supply
Nipple Care

Miscellaneous Stuff for Breastfeeding Mommies

There are so many unique items out there for nursing mommies-- from trendy clothing pieces to carriers and alcohol test strips so your baby doesn't get any of your martini in his milk. Here are some items I've purchased and others I've researched and ultimately decided against buying. I guess you can say maternity leave turned me into a serious online shopper! 

When it comes to organization and breastmilk storage, I purchased an awesome system called Kiinde.

Kiinde has it all-- bottles, breastmilk storage baggies, a bottle warmer and even pump adapters that basically allow you to pump & store. You can warm up the milk in a special warmer called the Kozii and insert the milk pouch on a holder that turns into a bottle when you attach the enclosed nipple! It basically eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again, according to the website. It's a great European concept. The only trouble I had with this system was that Toby initially refused the nipples that come with it. But we're working on it and he's beginning to adjust to them. Further, when baby gets older, you can use the Foodii, which allows you to use the same baggies and storage for homemade solids. 

PINKBLUSH Multi-Use Cover
If you follow my Instagram Account, you've probably noticed I love black and white stripes! I found an adorable, striped breastfeeding cover that also serves as a scarf, a baby carseat cover, and a grocery car seat cover. It's comfortable, flexible, soft and best of all, ample enough to allow you to peak at your baby while he nurses.

Loyal Hana Nursing Clothes
This is a super cute online shop with amazing pieces for breastfeeding mommies. I purchased a black & red checkered shirt from them and wore it during my pregnancy and now I get to use it by unzipping the side openings and allowing Toby to latch on. It's a great concept. The only setback is that you have to have an open budget. Items average $100 per piece. 

Alcohol Test Strips
For a breastfeeding mommy who enjoys a cold beer and a stiff cocktail every now and then, there is nothing better than these alcohol test trips, which can detect an approximate percentage of alcohol in breastmilk. You use them by dabbing the tip of the tester in breastmilk. If there is no alcohol detected the strip remains white. I learned about these from my best friend Sheryl and immediately ordered them. There are actually quite a few companies that make them, I just happened to get these by Safe Milk for Breastfeeding. It's just nice to enjoy an adult beverage but also have the assurance that your little baby is not consuming any of it.

Bun Maternity Sweater 
This sweater is very comfortable and allows you to "breastfeed in a snap". I actually don't always go through the trouble of unsnapping the top layer because its flexible enough nurse the baby between the sweater's soft layers. It's seriously one of my favorite clothing items for nursing. I love it and I recommend it! 

Honorable Mentions:

At one point I considered buying a Koala Kin
It's a hands-free breastfeeding sling. 
It's kinda funky when you think about it but breastfeeding does take several hours out of your day and in this age of multi-tasking mommies, someone had to come up with this concept of breastfeeding your baby while keeping your hands free to do other things. I learned about it recently and haven't made up my mind about purchasing it since I actually enjoy taking time to sit down and hold my baby to nurse him. Plus, I'll be going back to work soon and won't have a chance to breastfeed Toby during the day anyway.

Another item I contemplated buying but ultimately decided not to, is this shirt/carrier/nursing cover called the Lalabu Soothie Shirt. It's a three-in-one concept and looks interesting but Toby will be reaching the shirt's weight limit soon and it's just one of those neat products that isn't absolutely necessary. It promotes the baby wearing concept and looks really adorable, especially on all the skinny mamas that model it on the website. Not sure it would be a good fit for me, with my huge gut and all...just saying.

So this concludes my four-part series on my breastfeeding journey.
Thank you so much for reading & have a great weekend!

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You look amazing mom! Than you for inspiring me to breastfeed. The milk strips are great and the Bun Maternity breastfeeding hoodie has been the most amazing things for me. You recommendations were great