Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mexican Torta Burger -- A New Summer Favorite, Full of Latin Flavor!

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These long, hot days of summer constantly have me thinking about delicious BBQ meals!
Even on weeknights when I’m driving home from my office in Downtown LA, I start thinking about what to make for dinner, on the grill, and in our backyard as soon as I get home.
During my drive, I start imagining a grilled chicken breast, with grilled corn and asparagus…Mmm
Other days I just want a juicy steak with guacamole.
But last week, I thought of making a Mexican burger on a torta roll with a side of street style corn on the cob.

So what’s a Mexican burger?
It’s my own version of a delicious mix of premium beef from Ralphs, fresh jalapeno peppers, cilantro and Mexican cheese, grilled to perfection on a Mexican bread roll.

I purchased all ingredients at Ralphs a few days prior. There’s a great selection of meat and locally-sourced produce at great prices there (especially if you have a Ralph’s Card).


When you join the Ralphs Fuel Program, you get one fuel point for every dollar you spend on groceries, which works perfectly for me since I drive about 20 miles to work every day.
And speaking of my drive, on the day I thought about making my Mexican Torta Burger, I was stuck in traffic on my way home.
I’d had a pretty busy day at work that day and didn’t get a chance to have lunch so I was pretty darn hungry at five in the afternoon!
Once I got home, I quickly got my ingredients ready, boiled a pot of corn, prepared the burgers and had my loving dad put them on the grill for me.

Here’s how I made the burgers:
*1 lb. ground beef
*3 jalapeno peppers, cubed
*2 slices of Mexican cheese, crumbled
*Cilantro (I used a small bunch)
*1 egg
*Garlic Salt and pepper, to taste
*2 TBSP oil

I mixed all the ingredients thoroughly and made five meat balls out of the mix.
I used a Mexican tortilla maker to pat down the burgers and worked the meat to shape each meatball lengthwise (the shape of the Mexican bread roll).
Place on the grill and voila!

I sliced a torta roll and added mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion to create my torta burger… It was sooooooo good. It was a bit spicy for the boys but perfect for mommy!

As far as my street style corn on the cob—just add mayo, parmesan cheese and hot sauce and you’ve got yourself a perfect side for your Summer Torta Burger!
I’d encourage you to try this, don’t let summer end without a Mexican Torta Burger…and make sure you shop at Ralph’s for fresh ingredients!

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