Monday, August 8, 2016

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Summer Party!

When I was on maternity leave, I would look at my baby Toby and remember when his older brother Benny was just as tiny.
I  would get feelings of nostalgia thinking about how fast kids grow.
But there's no stopping the clock and my babies will be teens before I know it.
That's why I started thinking of ways to make their childhood even more memorable.
One idea that came to mind was throwing an annual kids play date/summer BBQ where I would invite all their cousins and little friends to enjoy an evening of games, activities, food and goodies, at our house.
Well, Benny & Toby's 1st Annual Summer Play Date was held a few weekends ago and it was quite an experience...

The day was super hot and we don't have a pool so I hired a Bubblist and had a few activities to help kids stay cool like splash ping pong, fishing for guppies, a lemonade stand and my brother-in-law, who was the afternoon's grill master, also installed a cooling mist system in the kids area.
The weather was ridiculously hot but the kids seemed to have a blast running around and finding activities to keep busy. Did I mention it was Mickey-themed?

I learned a few lessons on things I will do differently next year as far as time of day to host the party and the amount of time I need to make it all come together (I waited till the last minute for a lot of details and a few things I envisioned never got done), but overall, we had a great crowd and Benny still talks about his friends and cousins who came to the summer party...yay!


Unknown said...

My kids loved the party! Nikoli said his new favorite friend is Paul =)

Anabel Marquez said...

Nikoli is too much fun!! I loved having them over!!