Friday, October 14, 2016

Toby's 1st Membership-- The Little Foodie Club!

*Product Review*

I first discovered The Little Foodie Club on Instagram.
I was captivated by the company's description:
"A baby food delivery company committed to shaping the next generation of foodies." 
Then I read about their purees and their philosophy on palate training and I became very curious, especially as Toby was reaching 6 months and it was going to be time to introduce him to solids.  

Little Foodie Club was the creation of an international food writer mommy who decided to embrace the concept of palate-training babies when she had her daughter.
And if you think about it, palate-training a young child is not something pretentious or unheard of. 
How many of us who were raised in a Mexican household have been encouraged to give our kids a taste of salsa or chili peppers? lol.
Little Foodie Club offers all-natural, organic, wholesome and unique purees.
Their menu was too tempting to ignore, especially in this day and age when mommies like myself work full-time, multi-task and tend to gravitate toward the easier option like, a jar of plum and apple Gerber, because really, who has time to boil, peel, grate, and liquefy your baby's food when you have a million other things to attend to before going to bed!?

We received a 6-9 month taster kit from Little Foodie Club, which was conveniently delivered at home, frozen. I thawed each meal for at least 12 hours, as suggested, before feeding and did so on separate occasions to see if Toby would take the purees well.  
Here's how things went: 


Banana, Strawberry and Mint for Breakfast


We're familiar with the concept of "Strawberry Banana" everything, but how refreshing to add mint to this equation for a deliciously sweet and fresh breakfast meal!?
Toby didn't want to stop eating. He loved it. My older son Benny thought it was delicious too. Again, no preservatives, no bad stuff, just pure, organic, locally-sourced fruit & mint leaves.


Carrot and Potato with Turmeric for Lunch 


Toby immediately set his eyes on the bright color of this meal. This carrot puree is not like any old carrot puree. They slow cook sweet baby carrots and potatoes in chicken bone broth and add a hint of turmeric. This one offers a unique texture. It wasn't as smudgy as the Strawberry Banana Mint puree but soft enough to be handled well by a teething baby. Toby kept trying to reach for the food with his fingers! By the way, once you open the product you can freeze it again once to use at a later time, which makes sense since each puree comes inside a generous 8 oz. container.

It feels so good to feed your baby something you know is healthy, organic and different!


Cauliflower and Pear with Tarragon for Dinner

Tarragon is an herb in the sunflower family and it mixes very well with pears and cauliflower, as we recently learned during this dinnertime feeding adventure. Toby was all smiles with the cauliflower and pear with tarragon puree. He kept squeaking every time the spoon didn't return to his mouth soon enough! Then he grabbed a hold of the lid and tried eating as much as he could get. I should mention that yes, I tried each one of the products too and this particular concoction tasted good enough to spread over a saltine and enjoy as an good!

In summary--
Little Foodie Club is a unique home delivery service that your child deserves to try.
Is it affordable? Well, that's a matter of opinion. The smallest meal plan begins at $60/month, but when you're a working parent without extra time to make amazing meals from scratch for your most beloved treasure, the convenience of counting on a top-notch menu for the baby is truly priceless.
Plus, when it comes to your children, how could you not invest in great, quality ingredients meshed together for a healthy and tasty meal?
Sure, we're going to continue feeding our baby our traditional caldito de frijol (bean broth) and sopita de pollo (chicken stew) but Little Foodie Club offers a different set of flavors and textures that may just resound well with our child and serve as a gateway to culinary openness later in life.
We just signed him up for Little Foodie Club and I absolutely recommend you check out their website and give it a try too!

Website: Little Foodie Club

It's certainly worth it.

Thanks for reading!

I received a sample pack of Little Foodie Club purees for a review on this blog. My review is honest and all opinions are my own.

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Thanks for sharing. Your son is a champ eating all That good food. Have a good weekend :)