Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Big Draw LA-- A Monthlong Series of Art Events for All Ages!

The Big Draw LA is a public drawing celebration spanning Southern California and linked to similar events worldwide during the month of October.  Click here for a listing of Big Draw events near you!

I work in downtown Los Angeles, next to city hall. 
Many times during lunch break I walk three blocks up Temple street to Grand Park, a newly-designed, four-level park that was once a hub for drug addicts and homeless people. 
Today, it's a serene and carefully manicured public space with a modern playground and outdoor musical instruments. There are uphill walking paths and bright pink lawn chairs and there's a huge splash pad with a water fountain at the top level.
Every time I walk to Grand Park, I tell myself I need to take the kids there.

Well, I took them this past Sunday because I wanted them to "leave their mark at the park". 

It was an event that launched the first of The Big Draw LA series, hosted by Ryman Arts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the artistic talents of kids. 
The Big Draw LA is a series of drawing activities where the public – people of all ages and abilities – get to make art at a wide variety of venues — from museums and parks to unique locations in neighborhoods. These events are organized and led by community-based organizations across the region. If you missed this past Sunday's event at Grand Park, you still have time to make it to several other "Big Draw" events happening this Fall. 

Here's a glimpse of some of the stuff we did on Sunday:

1. Observed artists of all ages draw live costumed models. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had to watch both kids, I would have probably tested my drawing skills too!

2. Watched little cuties use charcoal pencils and pastels to draw LA City Hall, which served as a great backdrop to the event!

3. Enjoyed the colors and paint soaked rollers involved with creating unique prints!
4. Spent some time watching Benny use markers to draw a snake... this was incredibly cute!

5. Stood underneath a paper plane-decorated pavilion where kids had a chance to create and decorate paper planes!

6. Entertained by my son's attempt to make a "dragon plane" beneath the paper plane pavilion. The final products were displayed on a string (see below)

7. Added my own doodles to this unique display of black paint on white butcher paper

I can't imagine what the next event will offer!
For more information on The Big Draw LA, visit their website:  www.TheBigDrawLA.org

Ryman Arts brings together students from 150 neighborhoods in Southern California and provides them the opportunity to obtain professional studio art instruction, as well as college career guidance at no cost to the students or their families. Read all about it here.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next Big Draw event!

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