Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's a Dinosaur Weekend for Tiny Tots Too!

Good news for parents whose kids love dinosaurs (but are too young to watch Jurassic World opening in theaters this weekend)—there’s an all-new animated Dinosaur film also premiering in theaters this weekend called “Back to the Jurassic”!!
Back to the Jurassic will be debuting in select theaters here in Los Angeles on Friday, June 12. Theaters, details, trailer and showtimes here.
The movie is about three kids who start a time-machine while playing in one of their dad’s inventor workshop. The kids are transported back in time 65 million years and adopted by a dinosaur named Tyra (played by Melanie Griffith) and her dinosaur son named Dodger (Rob Schneider).

The three kids explore the excitement of the prehistoric world. Meanwhile, in the present world, their parents are plotting their rescue. If they wish to make it back home they must steer clear of their evil dinosaur rivals (William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin) and rely on their dinosaur “mother” Tyra and dinosaur “brother” Dodger— after all, family isn’t always just the one you’re born into!

Doesn’t this sound like a fun movie? 
This is how I'll pitch the weekend to my son— A dinosaur movie night on Friday for Benny (Back to the Jurassic) and a dinosaur movie night on Saturday for mommy (Jurassic World), and that way, everybody will have a dino-mite weekend...Lol!

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