Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Memories of my Wedding Day— 8 Years Ago Today!

As you read this, my husband and I are taking a much needed mini vacay.
We hadn't had time off together since I returned from my 4-month assignment in Washington D.C. last summer.
The reason for our vacation though, is not just because WE NEEDED IT.... but because we're also celebrating our 8-year wedding anniversary.
EIGHT years, can you believe that?
Marriage is not easy but we're still together because we've chosen to adapt to our evolving personalities as we get older.
Parenting is not easy but we love our little one so much that it makes us happy to give him comfort in the love we feel for him and each other.
I'm not the perfect wife by any means and my husband Paul has flaws of his own but we've learned to forgive and let love lead...
Here are some pictures from that day, 8 years ago, when we said "I do" and began this amazing journey. All photos were taken by Anahi Navarro.

We celebrated our wedding with a reception at The Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, CA. We had over 400 guests!

The morning of my wedding was fun and busy with a house full of friends, relatives and cooks! My dad owns a catering business and contracted help to cater my wedding! In this picture, from L to R: My sister Irene, my mom Lupita, Anabel the bride and my baby sister Frenchee.

My dad gave me the "bendicion" or blessing before walking out of the house and I cried!

My mom helped me with every detail!  I decided to wear a bolero to the religious ceremony.

My husband waited nervously at the altar as I walked with my father down the aisle to meet him.
I wanted a lot of color at the church and went with neon pink, orange and yellow daisies. My little ring bearers wore Guayaberas!
After the religious ceremony, the first thing Paul said to me was: "hi wife" and I had a laughing attack

On our way to the reception we celebrated with champagne and kisses.
I wanted to have a colorful summer wedding with hints of "Alice in Wonderland" 

This 'Madhatter' cake was my favorite! It was created by Bread Basket in Camarillo, CA!

Centerpieces were colorful "flower cakes"

My lifelong BFF always by my side and ready to share a laugh!
It couldn't be a Mexican wedding without a mariachi!

An unforgettable day, it was...

Thanks for reading!

En español

En este momento, mi marido y yo estamos de vacaciones.
No habíamos tenido tiempo a solas desde que regresé de mi asignación de 4 meses en Washington DC el verano pasado.
Sin embargo, el motivo de nuestras vacaciones, aparte de que las necesitamos, es para celebrar nuestro aniversario de boda de 8 años.
OCHO años, ¿lo pueden creer?
El matrimonio NO es fácil, pero seguimos juntos porque hemos elegido adaptarnos el uno al otro conforme evolucionan nuestras personalidades con los años.
Ser padres de familia no es fácil, pero nos encanta darle consuelo a nuestro hijo con en el amor que sentimos por él y por el uno al otro.
Definitivamente no soy una esposa perfecta y mi marido Paul tiene sus defectos también pero hemos aprendido a perdonar y seguir queriéndonos...
Aquí están algunas fotos de ese día, hace 8 años, cuando nos prometimos amor eterno y comenzamos esta increíble jornada de vida...

¡Gracias por leer!

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