Monday, December 19, 2016

Simple "Gingerbread House" Vanilla Cake

A simple, preservative-free dessert to celebrate the Holiday season!

In my December Degustabox, the goodies were worthy of a year-end celebration.
There were so many good things!

Among them was a Pillsbury cake and frosting duo that sounded great for a Post-Christmas dinner treat, especially because they contain no colors or preservatives or artificial flavors. The simple instructions printed on the packaging on the cake box called for only a few ingredients: eggs, milk and butter.

The frosting was so creamy and simple-- just add water and butter:

 For the gingerbread house, all I did was cut a large gingerbread sheet into small sections, I used the vanilla frosting to stick the sections together to create a house. Then I decorated it (using the same frosting! The snowman was put together with three small marshmallows and a toothpick. I used an edible food pen to draw the eyes.

By the way, Degustabox is a monthly food box subscription that costs $20 (including shipping).
I've shared many recipes based on awesome food products delivered inside my Degustabox, including:

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For more information on Degustabox, click here.

Hope you join and have some food adventures!
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