Monday, August 5, 2013

Birth of the Royal Baby

The moment it was announced to the world that Prince George Alexander Louis had been born, I was ecstatic (joy!).
First of all, I am captivated by British Royalty and the history of Kings and Queens inGreat Britain and more importantly, the news of the birth of a child makes me incredibly excited…probably because going through childbirth is still fairly recent in my life.

And to add validation to my love for all things Royal, I shall mention that my home office is themed to highlight British Royalty, including porcelain dolls of beloved princesses, miniature tea sets and many crown fixtures throughout the room.

When I was in London in 2011, I had no choice but to splurge at the Royal Palace’s gift shop, where I bought the official commemorative wedding plate of the marriage of Prince William to Cathryn Middleton, and other amazing little mementos.

Needless to say, the birth of a future King was something I had been following and waited for, with anticipation.
I was happy to find out the baby boy was born with good health and that mommy Kate is currently nursing her little Prince…(made me think of the few, but well-lived months I did the same for Benny).
And in celebration of the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis, I went out to buy Benny a toy that would commemorate the occasion.

At Toys R Us, I found that FAO Schwartz has produced a line of what seems to be British-themed toys. So I bought him a wooden toy soldier, which, we'll appropriately label the Commemorative Wooden Toy Prince George Alexander Louis British Royal Guard. It was on sale for $6.99!

Benny was amused and enjoyed his new toy for about 15 minutes before getting distracted with a set of keys sitting on the living room coffee table (typical).
Congratulations to the Royal Family! May the Future King of England be raised to become a great, fair and trusting leader (but for now, long live the Queen!).

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