Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Books, books, books

Yes— There’s the Internet and Kindle and Nook and a bunch of new and upcoming reading devices to make life technologically simpler but I still enjoy holding and flipping through the pages of a real book (a paper book).

One of my bookshelves at home

Specifically, I love do-it-yourself guides and colorful lifestyle, recipe and picture filled books. So it should be of no surprise to anyone that when I came across Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life, on sale at Target, well…I bought it!

The Honest Life is a fun read with a bunch of craft and project ideas for the body, mind, the kiddos and the home. I was never a huge fan of Jessica (and that had nothing to do with my husband’s crush on her) but once she became a mommy, she became so much cooler and eventually won me over.

Among the many crafty ideas she offers, I plan on framing a nice piece of patterned fabric and possibly adding it to my office! 
The next book I'm currently finding myself pulling out of the shelf frequently is  by an author named Liza Tenzin- Dolma. This book basically features 30 meditations to help you find peace and awareness in the beauty of nature. In other words it gives you ideas on how to find nature as a spiritual refreshment. And if you're like me who believes in God and believes that His very presence is felt in the beauty of nature, then you'll love reading these insightful suggestions.

Third of all, I choose to share Bliss in a Box by Susan Piver. The book itself is found inside the neat little box with a magnetic lid. Also inside-- a set of index cards. These serve as your complete guide to plan, prepare and spend an entire weekend of cleansing and meditating at home-- so fun! I probably won't get a chance to do it for another couple of years-- but it's nice to read and only imagine...

Lastly, another of my favorite books is this amazing little treasure I picked up at an Estate Sale in Studio City a few years back. It's called Chin Deep In Bubbles-- Little luxuries for every day by Melissa Placzek. This book is such a treat! It offers so many recipes and tips for a good start to a beautiful day. Among the many things you'll learn to do-- an overnight soft hands treatment, your own garden mist potpourri and everything you need to create a rose petal dream bath!

I think anyone who takes the time to read is doing a good deed for themselves... and if you choose to indulge in any of the aforementioned booksies, then you'll surely enjoy (I hope).

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