Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tickle Monster Laugh Kit

This funny, cutesy book was a gift to Benny from my high school counselor and good friend, Shirleen Armstrong (who still inspires me and makes me laugh just like the first day we met).

Benny loves it because mommy makes it a point to read it aloud using strange, funny, monster voices and most importantly, because I tickle him wearing the monster gloves that come along with the book!

The story is about a blue furry monster from Planet Tickle who descends on Planet Earth to bring joy and laughter to the children…Too cute!

The pages are wonderfully illustrated and the author, Josie Bissett, is none other than the girl who played Jane Mancini on the television series Melrose Place…anybody?
Well if you don’t remember her, it’s ok. You can get to know her through her fantastic little blog:
And back to the book, it can be ordered online through Barnes& for $34.95 (tickle monster hands included).
It makes for a fun bedtime story because you can read it to your babies, make them laugh and put them to sleep. When it’s your turn to go to bed, you’ll have the sweet memory of their little giggles (fun)!

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