Thursday, August 29, 2013

Plum Organics

I recently took a little vacation from blogging (and from Los Angeles) but I am back and excited to share more of the stuff I've done and loved.

While I was away, I made sure to pack enough baby food to last the entire duration of our trip so my little Benjamin wouldn't be left without his yummies. And if there's one item that should be highlighted as a great choice, it would have to be the pouches of Plum Organics baby food.

I'll admit that before Baby Benny arrived, Paul and I would purchase similar fruit pouches to add to our lunches but we never tried this brand until our son started eating solids and we found ourselves looking through the aisles of baby food trying to pick the best stuff out there for our little one.

The first thing that caught my attention about this brand of baby food was the fact that it’s organic. Next was the great combination of fruits and veggies in one pouch! For example, Benny really seems to like broccoli and apple. I love that because there's a certain satisfaction in knowing that your baby is eating veggies and not just the fruity stuff! 

Benny enjoys having his meal straight out of the pouch although it makes for a messy experience…

There are also some awesome little spoons available that twist right onto the end of the pouch so that you can feed your baby with a spoon, without having to pour the contents of the pouch into a bowl for feeding.

Plum Organics was created by an American couple who, after finding out they were expecting, decided to devote their time toward creating a different type of baby food that would offer the little ones long-lasting health benefits. With the assistance of a pediatrician (friend of the family), they went out looking for good combinations of fresh, organic fruits and veggies that would provide nutritional value and a healthy, savory experience for babies.

The pouches aren’t too expensive (approximately $1.50 each) and they make for great on-the-go meals. I personally love the taste of the Zucchini, Banana & Amaranth Pouch. It's the best (sooo good).

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