Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome Bag Party

And the countdown has begun! We are days away from celebrating my best friend's wedding! This will be Benny's first trip overseas (and yes, he has his very own passport). It will also be our first vacation since giving birth to our little joy.

Sheryl chose a destination wedding for her upcoming nuptials, giving us all a perfect reason to take a much needed vacation! I mean, really, have you ever thought about how people in this country are overworked, overwhelmed and stressed out of their minds?? We hardly give ourselves an opportunity to disconnect from the madness of work, traffic, routines and deadlines. A week in paradise spent with good people can actually help refresh the mind and relieve the stress.

So I thank Sheryl and her fiancee Deon for giving us all a chance to join them. With that said, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)... here we come!
Oh, but before we could even think about getting on a plane, my lovely & thoughtful bestie planned something special for all her traveling guests.
Sheryl's in-laws, Roscoe and Floydell Carter hosted a summer party for the soon-to-be newlyweds a few weekends ago.

Benny gives Roscoe a quick glimpse of what it may be like to be a grandpa soon!

Sheryl took advantage of the opportunity to surprise us all with goodie bags.
But these weren't your typical goodie bags. These were personalized, engraved and generously stuffed goodie bags with all the toiletries and essentials one could possibly need during a beach vacation. Add to that a Dooney & Burke Wristlet, an engraved compact mirror and drink cup, plus a unique little bag for Benny with swimming clothes, travel toys and even a pool!

What a generous gesture. We're so glad to be a part of their special day and so grateful for all the love the bride and groom and their families offer (happiness)!

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