Sunday, August 4, 2013

The City of Baldwin Park, CA

The city of Baldwin Park is the Hub of the San Gabriel Valley (that’s city's official city motto). It’s population is mostly Hispanic (80% Hispanic or Latino, according to the 2010 Census) and it’s the home of the first In-N-Out Burger restaurant!

It’s also the city I call home and while it may not always be the safest town or feature the cleanest streets and neighborhoods, it's where I live and for that reason alone, I gotta love Baldwin Park!

A taco stand outside of a local shopping center keeps patrons returning for more!
On August 3rd, the city of Baldwin Park hosted the Pride of the Valley 5K and guess who had to sign up and run with other fellow residents?? Drum roll, please….me!

Early morning stretch before race time

It was a fun gathering at Morgan Park, where several hundred people (mostly high school students) got up early to run the 3 mile course through various city streets. I had so much fun during this race, I am forcing Paul to run it with me next year.

Baldwin Park was named after a prominent investor names Elias Jackson Baldwin, who was actually sued by four women in the 1880’s for breach of marriage and seduction, among other adultery type charges!! Role model, much?
Anyhow, in 1948, California saw it’s first drive-thru diner open its doors in none other than Baldwin Park! It was a small burger joint named “In-N-Out” owned and operated by Harry & Esther Snyder and currently run by their granddaughter Lynsi Torres (who reportedly purchased a $17 million Mansion recently and reports to work everyday at the corporate in Baldwin Park).

Baldwin Park also boasts other great eateries including the popular Guadalajara Grill featuring Mariachi music, nightly. My favorite though is Juan’s Restaurant, an often overlooked restaurant that serves amazing prehispanic Mexican favorites such as the famous Mexican Mole and Nopal Flan.
The next time you’re driving on the 10 Freeway, you should stop by Baldwin Park. If anything, you can check out Hamburger Lane, the street where In-N-Out’s Meat Processing & Fleet Maintenance Plants are located (I think it should have been Cheeseburger Lane, but that's just a personal preference!).

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