Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feldmann Family Visit

My little sister Frances is getting married next year to a handsome young man by the name of Daniel Feldmann— a true gentleman he is.  Their story is a modern-day fairytale and we’re very excited to join them next year in Europe for their nuptials (they’re celebrating in a castle!)

Frenchy's fiance, Danny Feldmann

Just as we started discussing the big trip and talking about how much we looked forward to meeting Frenchy’s new Swiss Family, we were pleasantly surprised to learn the Feldmann Family was planning something similar. They organized an August trip to California for the first time to meet our family and explore the Sunshine State.

From L to R: Sabrina, Thomas & Charlotte Feldmann

Paul must have said something to make me laugh

Since the Feldmann’s would be arriving in Los Angeles, I planned a dinner party to greet them upon arrival. For the meal, I asked my mother-in-law, Dotty for her for her green enchilada recipe because I thought it would be great to offer the Feldmann’s a taste of Mexican cuisine and Dotty makes some killer enchiladas! To my surprise, instead of giving me the recipe, Dotty made them for us (three whole trays to be exact) and left them ready for me to place in the oven and serve. She wanted to help me avoid spending hours in the kitchen with so many other things I had to do (including taking care of Benny). I wish I would have snapped a photo of the enchiladas but I’ll just say they were simply delicious and I’m forever grateful for my mother-in-law’s thoughtfulness!

We arranged the dining room table to feature a basic table setting that included silver plate chargers, white dinnerware and fresh purple daisies. I also used a dark gray table cloth to keep things neutral and simple. We set up clear wine goblets to have a toast but in the end, Paul took over my classy affair and gave everyone a beer and entertained them by imitating Donald Duck.

For dessert, we had a tres leches mocha cake that was really tasty. I bought it from a local Mexican Grocery Store and it turned out to be quite a hit!

All in all, it was a pleasure to meet this lovely family, especially after discovering that despite the cultural differences and distance between us, we share many similarities and an overall agreement that life is to be celebrated and enjoyed every day (cheers!).

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