Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walt Disney World - EPCoT

If there is a theme park worth making a trip across the country— I would say it’s the Experimental Prototype Community of Tommorrow (EPCoT), which was initially designed by Mr. Walt Disney as a crime-free living community with hopes that it would eventually serve as a model for the rest of the country. The history and engineering of it, is really interesting but there are so many other aspects about our trip to EPCoT that I'll note this as a topic to discuss further in the future.

Plainly stated, this theme park is incredible and in my opinion it requires at least a 3-day visit (I'm obsessed).

It features a world showcase with replicas of landmarks from eleven different countries with restaurants, shops, entertainment and attractions themed after each country. Disney also hires employees from those countries to make a visitor's experience feel that much more authentic.
Further, EPCoT features an entirely different area called the “Future World” which focuses on technology and science…from activity centers and simulations to rides and other incredible attractions…simply amazing!

Welcome to EPCoT, Benny boy!

With Benny along, we decided to have lunch at the Germany Pavilion, since there would be a live Polka band and we figured the music would keep him entertained. 

Germany Pavilion at EPCoT
The lunch here was ridiculously delicious. It was a buffet featuring some of the most flavorful German dishes, including traditional sausages, rotisserie chicken, fish, red cabbage sauerkraut, a salad bar and for dessert...BAVARIAN CHEESECAKE, among other delicacies like apple strudel and black forest cake!!

I had a 5 oz German beer sampler to honor the tradition of good ol’ Oktoberfest and perhaps it was the beer that gave me confidence to take Benny to the middle of the dance floor with all the other children and dance with him to the beats of a German tune.

After lunch, we went to the American Pavilion, where we were greeted by a lovely group of Acapella singers who interpreted some patriotic favorites such as "America the Beautiful" in awe-inspiring voices. Benny loves to sing-along so he didn’t hesitate to start humming as soon as he heard the sound of their voices. Many people around us were getting a little annoyed that Benny's singing was interrupting the choir...but how can you tell a little child to STOP singing? Impossible. Benny sang along too.

We also stopped by the France Pavilion because I needed to get a make-up consultation. I went into the Guerlain Cosmetics Shop where I was able to find a great medium coverage foundation and matching powder for my best friend's wedding. So fabulous. After my make-up sesh, I enjoyed an Orange, Grand Marnier & Vodka Frozen Martini. Unfortunately, the unpredictable Orlando rain showers ruined my little martini moment. 

At one point, the weather turned into a violent thunderstorm, for which we had already prepared with rain ponchos. When the rain started falling (I chugged my drink) covered the stroller and Benny managed to find a way to stick out his hand with hopes of catching a rain drop, I’m sure.

A little secret I learned at EPCoT— all Disney Chase Visa Cardholders like myself, get additional perks at the parks, including a private photo-op with Disney Characters in a private location. We arrived there and this time, when Benny met Mickey, he tried biting Mickey’s nose…which made for a great photo!!

Benny got distracted moments after biting Mickey's nose 

Before leaving, we debated between entering the Spaceship Earth ride (the ride inside the big, metal iconic EPCoT globe) because we weren’t sure how Benny would react…but we took him anyway and the boy loved it. This was another great day and I only wish we could return sometime soon (maybe in two years?)

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