Friday, September 27, 2013

Preparing for Irene's Wedding

Three months from today, I will be a nervous-wreck, probably very emotional yet very hyper…hopefully thinner in my elegant gown and very, very, very honored to be a maid of honor (one of four) at my sister Irene’s wedding!!!

Yes—Irene is getting married in December and we can’t wait for her fabulous nuptials which will basically represent simple elegance at its fullest. Being her older sister and having weekends off (unlike the little sister Frances who works weekends), I’ve been able to spend time with her as she plans, prepares and organizes her wedding and all the details that will go along with it.

The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Cervantes
First off, Irene’s love story is very unique in that her soon-to-be hubby, Mr. Emmanuel Cervantes (better known by Benny as "Uncle E-man") was her beloved boyfriend during her early college years…But as destiny would have it, they broke up, moved away and moved on. 
But, six years later, the two found each other again (this time older, more mature, focused and still in love) and the magnetic force between them was simply too strong to ignore…They’re inseparable. 
He proposed in the summer at a quaint little restaurant off the Oxnard Harbor with both families there to witness the moment:

Uncle Arturo & Aunt Ofe with the lovebirds. It was an emotional evening for all of us! 

And ever since they got engaged, they decided there was no point in waiting too long before tying the knot--- so they set a wedding date within 6 months of the proposal and now we've got three months to go (Wowser!) 

Since the proposal, I’ve had the pleasure of being there to join her in shopping for her wedding gown... 

Benny waits for his nina Irene to come out of the dressing room

Big sister duties...BTW, this is NOT her dress :-)

We met with Cari Izaguirre of All Occasion Event Planning (Click here for Website), who was hired to be her wedding coordinator…
Cari & Irene discuss guest lists, seating arrangements and lighting
We’ve been shopping together for such things as reception décor and table cloth fabrics at specialty boutiques as well as in the famous Downtown LA Garment district.
Irene is going for a soft, romantic theme
And everything is coming together one detail at a time!!!
Irene’s wedding will be a classy affair with a touch of vintage romantic Mexico!
I plan on blogging about it (of course) but first, I’ll let the Mariachi lead me to the bar so I can scream: “Arriba los novios!!”


Unknown said...

Looking forward to the wedding! I love that you have a blog! -Ady

Anabel Marquez said...

Thank you Ady. Looking forward to seeing you soon! xoxo