Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ethan's Baptism

My itty bitty little nephew (who’s as cute as a button) celebrated his baptism recently and what a great day it was!

Ethan Jeffrey Klittich was born on May 21, 2013 and was joined into the Catholic Faith at 3 months old. 

My godmother, Gigi Barajas, who is Ethan’s grandma made the baby’s baptismal gown— a gorgeous, delicate robe that included silver detail and threading as a way to match her daughter (Ethan's mom)'s wedding dress.

Hi nina! Love you!

Judging by the way it was sewn so delicately and crafted perfectly to fit the baby’s upper body and drape down to the floor beautifully, I’m sure my nina dedicated a lot of time working on this gown. 
Not to mention, my nina is a perfectionist with very creative, crafty and time-consuming Do-It-Yourself projects (like homemade soap, goat cheese and other amazing things she has done with her own two hands)!

All the ladies simply couldn't get enough of the gown

Did you know that Baptismal gowns started becoming elaborate works of art during the Victorian Era?

Not all families were able to provide one for their babies due to the expense of the fabrics and materials but it was certainly a beautiful way to dress a baby before leading them to their first holy sacrament.
It's rare to see families continue with this tradition nowadays (I kept it simple myself with my sissy Frances helping me pick and purchasing Benny’s baptism attire) but who knows, maybe my mom will be up for the task before her next grandchild's baptism (she’s a seamstress herself)?
In any case, families who are able to find or make a baptismal gown, do it because it’s a wonderful opportunity to imitate the traditions of the Victorian Era (which is one of my favorites) and pass it down to future generations.

Gown detail
After the religious ceremony, Ethan’s parents welcomed guests to their home where they offered a great reception with fresh-made tacos, cold beer, outdoor seating and a yummy spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

Ethan’s godparents (my lovely cousins Alani and Alex Barajas) kept the Mexican Baptism tradition of allowing children to gather 'round and catch as much money (quarters, dimes and nickels) as possible during the traditional “bolo”.
Cousin Alani looking lovely as always
My dapper cousin Alex fulfilling his godfather duties

Congratulations to my beloved little nephew and thanks to our dear cousins Luana and Jeff Klittich for a wonderful time (love you all)!

Ethan takes a nap; Benny seeks his next adventure. These two will be trouble!

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