Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vegas with Baby & on a Budget -- Part 2

Realistically, the only way to do Vegas on a budget is to drive there in a vehicle with good gas mileage, refrain from gambling and opt for more affordable places to eat...all of which we did.

Lavish Decor at the Cosmopolitan Hotel
My hubby actually loves to we gave each other a specified amount of money to spend and at that point, he knew he wouldn't be able to sit at the $25 Poker Tables...sorry, love.
Instead he went to the nearest sports book and placed bets on a few parlays-- Parlays are grouped sports bets. It's when you wager on more than one outcome. So, to give you an example, one parlay can include your guess that the Dodgers will beat the Yankees by two points, that a particular horse will win a race and that Canelo Alvarez will knock out Mayweather during the 3rd round. If everything happens exactly the way you predicted, with all the aforementioned sporting events occurring on the same day, then you could win a lot of money. The thing about parlays is that: a.) you have to really know your sports and b.) you have to wait all day and watch each of the sporting events in your parlay to find out if you're a winner...It's nice because it takes away from the itch to continue depositing your hard-earned cash into programmed and computer-altered slot machines.

Never trust these!!
Fortunately for us, we had some restaurants we wanted to check out and we did!
We wanted to try the buffet at the Cosmopolitan, the one pound meatball at LAVO, the filet mignon sushi roll at Yellowtail and the oversized breakfast at Hash-House a go-go.
Then, I wanted to visit places a family would enjoy with their babies and shop at the Bettie Page Store inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino. So this is how we made it all happen:
On the first day, we went for brunch at the Wicked Spoon, the buffet inside the Cosmopolitan.
This place is soooooooo good. The restaurant's motto is: "A bustling culinary hall that satisfies cravings and invites discovery" Agreed. Price per person $40.00 & with bottomless champagne $50.00

Sure, paying $100 per couple to eat our first meal of the day may seem a bit excessive but we looked into it before the trip and this was my treat (from my allotted spending cash) and to this day, no regrets! The options here were incredible...From individual country gravy biscuits and fried chicken to salmon cream cones, wedge salads and bone marrow...yes, bone marrow!!

There was also fresh-made "wicked" juice (made from a variety of fruits & veggies), kale salad, spaghetti in mini-pots with mushroom sauce (this was incredibly tasty), an entire breakfast meat section with bacon, sausage and breakfast patties (Meat lovers rejoice!).

They offered shrimp cocktail shooters, Asian favorites such as orange chicken, noodles and individually packaged rice as well as a crazy dessert buffet with a gelato bar, and ridiculously tempting treats like dulce de leche shots and a plethora of cake bites!

The hubster was kind of embarrassed that I was taking pictures of the food-- but hey, If I hadn't done so then I wouldn't have been able to show and tell, right? He opted to sit and enjoy the culinary experience, never once agreeing to take a picture of me eating...sucker!

The Cosmopolitan has enjoyed much popularity with its unique motto of "just the right amount of wrong"...We weren't surprised when we found the dining room's framed art feature the likes of vegetables in unlikely situations, like this onion, getting choked and weighed down by gold chains...hmmmm.

After brunch, we walked for a bit...but the rest will have to wait for tomorrow since I'm getting sleepy and I still have a bunch of other stuff to do before the day's over.

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